The Battle Royale The Culling Dies For The Third Time Now


The Battle Royale The Culling Dies For The Third Time Now

The creators of The Culling: Origins have announced the end of their Battle Royale. This concludes the third iteration of The Culling. Already the first part and The Culling 2 had to be switched off.

When does The Culling come to an end?

The developer has announced that on May 15, 2019, the online services of The Culling: Origins will be shut down. The game ends almost exactly 9 months after its Free2Play launch.

According to Director of Operations, Josh Van Veld, offline modes are still available. The Culling builds as a BR shooter on multiplayer, the end of the online modes probably means the end of the game. That’s why The Culling dies: The reason for the shutdown of the server is that the game has simply dropped too little.

When The Culling was reissued as “Origins” in September 2018,

It became free and had an in-game store. Van Veld wrote (via PCGamer ):

So when we released the Origins update and made the game free2play, we hoped that the income from in-app purchases would be enough to pay for the team and its ongoing development. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

It was not even missing players. Although many players played The Culling: Origins, there was not enough going on:

Even with thousands of active users daily, the return was only a fraction of what the development team would have needed for their daily work. As a result, we had to reduce the team size, which meant we could not provide continuous support and updates.

Currently, some packs on Steam are still to buy. However, this and the in-game shop will be deactivated “as soon as possible”. This is how The Culling developed: The Battle Royale The Culling has taken some serious hurdles since its inception. Already two iterations before Origins did not make it:

  • In March 2016, The Culling started surprisingly in the early access.
  • It was very popular in the first few months.
  • in December 2017 The Culling had to close anyway. Blame was probably the success of PUBG.
  • in June 2018, The Culling 2 has already been announced.
  • After just a week and a catastrophic start, The Culling 2 had to close again.
  • In September 2018, the original version was reissued as “Origins”.
  • Now, in May 2019, The Culling: Origins is closing.

Whether The Culling will dare to make a fourth attempt will be seen. Van Veld is currently promising that investors could invest in Xaviant to rescue the servers of The Culling: Origins. The Battle Royale market has been conquered by a new challenger for several weeks.