The Division 2: Crafting Guide – All Information About Making And Recalibrating


The Division 2: Crafting Guide – All Information About Making And Recalibrating

In The Division 2, you can craft and recalibrate equipment. Here is all the information and tips on crafting at the production station, the recalibration station and the materials in the guide.

In The Division 2, you will not only gain equipment by killing your opponent and picking up their loot. You can also loot boxes, buy items – or assemble the stuff yourself.

This goes through the manufacturing station in the operations base, where you can craft items – so make them.

This will unlock the production station

  • How To Enable Crafting: The manufacturing station will be made available to you early in The Division 2. You just have to reach the first level of the theater settlement, and you’ll get NPC Inaya al-Khaliq for the White House.
  • Production Station Location: Walk straight through the main entrance of the White House past the Quartermaster, turn left and go straight through the first gate on the left. There Inaya stands next to the production station.

This is how crafting works in The Division 2

Basic information on crafting:

  • At the production station you can make items (weapons, armor parts, mods, projects)
  • The prerequisite is a blueprint of the item you want to make
    Blueprints can be bought, found or rewarded ( eg through projects and missions).
  • Crafting requires certain materials that you can discover throughout the Open World (via crates, rucksacks, enemy kills, etc.) or by disassembling excess equipment.
  • The manufacturing station needs to be improved to make higher value objects.

Information about the blueprints:

  • The blueprints in your possession scale with your character. If you get a blueprint on character level 5, you can use it to craft items at level 5. If you reach level 6, you can make items at level 6 with the same blueprint.
    To make better items than “blue” items, you need to upgrade the manufacturing station.
  • For that you need a lot of materials and you have to be sufficiently advanced in the game. There are several levels of improvement – you’ll need to upgrade the station from blue items to violet items, from violet items to high-end items, and world-class endgame to world rank:

Information about production materials.

You have 2 standard materials:

  • Lock Housing Components – Needed for weapon crafting. Can be obtained by decomposition
  • Protective fabric – you need for making armor. Can be obtained by decomposition

These are the other production materials:

  • Steel – needed for firearms, is common in the True Sons
  • Ceramics – needed for armor parts, can often be found in the outcasts
  • Polycarbonate – needed for different objects, often found in the Hyenas
  • Carbon fiber – needed for light equipment components, commonly found on the True Sons
  • Electronics – needed for advanced equipment components,  often found at Hyenas
  • Titanium – needed for lightweight but sturdy weapons often found on outcasts
  • Printer Filament (violet quality) – for mods (for gear and skills), one finds by the disassembly of mods
    division 2 crafting
  • So, if you need a special material, you can play a mission of that faction and have the chance to get a fair amount of that material through enemy kills and mission completion.

Note: In the Endgame, the Black Tusk may drop all rare crafting materials.

Carbon fiber, electronics, and titanium are rarer than ceramics, steel and polycarbonate.

In addition, you will cost E-Credits, which you get by selling items or junk (sewing kit, cameras, solar calculator, etc.), which you will find everywhere.

These are high-end materials: In addition, there are plenty of high-end material that you can use to make armor pieces from certain brands:

You receive high-end brand set material by disassembling this brand of equipment.

Crafting Tips – When should I start?

Tips for crafting:

  • You should not craft any weapons or armor pieces at the launch. Because you are rising relatively fast in the level and quickly find better loot so that the created items are useful only for a short time.
  • Save your materials best for the endgame – for World Rank 5 – as soon as it goes live. Because the materials you need are the same for all World Ranks and levels, and you’ll have the most and the longest bit of it when your items are at the highest possible Gear score.
  • What you can do in advance: weapon mods. If you find a weapons mod blueprint, you can create the mod directly. Because it stays with you permanently and always has the same stats – no matter when you craft it.
  • So just use your World Rank 5 materials to make weapons mods and upgrade the manufacturing station.
  • With SHD-Tech at the Quartermaster, unlocks the benefits of “make materials” and “disassemble” to increase storage capacity for the materials and to get more materials when disassembling.
    Information about the recalibration station

How to unlock the recalibration: If the crafting unlocked early in the campaign, the recalibration is possible only after a few hours of play.

You need to hire Emma Richards at the campus settlement, which is possible after three missions for the campus settlement.

Location of recalibration station: This station is located directly to the right of the manufacturing station.

How the recalibration works:

  • Recalibrating allows you to transfer a talent or stat bonus from one item to another item
  • So you need an item that has the desired stat to transfer that stat to the other item
  • The items must belong to the same category. Say, to recalibrate a tank vest, you need another tank vest that has this stat. The same applies to weapons.

For example, on this screenshot, the recalibration replaces a stat bonus on one mask with the stat bonus of another mask:

  • The item that “donates” the desired stat bonus destroyed after recalibration
  • The recalibration costs credits and materials
  • The recalibration does not work on items that you have crafted
  • Advantage (compared to Division 1): You now know directly which new stat you receive after the recalibration on the item. The coincidence falls away.

However, you must first find an item that carries the stat you want.

In the video of MarcoStyle you can see the crafting and the recalibration in moving pictures:

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