The Division 2: Find Hyenas Keys – This Is How You Farm The Faction Keys


The Division 2: Find Hyenas Keys – This Is How You Farm The Faction Keys

So in Division 2 you can find and farm the keys of the Hyenas, the Outcast and the True Sons. In our guide, we show you a farm route.

What are these faction keys?

In the streets of Washington DC, you can find all kinds of loot. Open boxes, raid rucksacks or rip the stuff off, drop the fallen enemies. In addition, many of you will have tripped over small chests that can only be opened with certain faction keys. Just early in the game, you will need “Hyenas Keys”, but the other factions have such mysterious boxes around.

What’s in the faction boxes?

The boxes are scattered throughout the world as you play through the campaign, as in main missions or side missions. They are especially valuable because they not only let “normal” loot jump, but also some exotic gear components. If you complete these, you can make Exotics . But how do you get the required keys of the Hyenas and the other factions?

Locations of the faction keys are in the underground

How to Find Your Hyenas Key: You’ll quickly get the keys you’re looking for if you head underground to Washington DC. Look for these symbols (yellow circle with arrow down), they mark the underground inputs: Some of these entrances only lead to safe houses or mission areas, but others lead to the sewer system. When you’re in the sewers, you often find the keys.

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Look for gray key boxes hanging on the wall. These look like this:

A good underground entry for keys of the Hyenas should be this one, which is located south of the White House: If you want to find the keys on your own, you should, therefore, search the underground in the underground and keep your eyes open after these boxes. Otherwise, you will find a farm route below.

Farm route for the keys of Hyenas, Outcast, True Sons

How to Farm the Keys: In the video of Arekkz Gaming, you will be shown a Farm Route on how to get as many faction keys as you can in a short time. Start here, near Roosevelt Island: Follow the path shown in the video from 2:04 onwards. So you come across several key boxes that contain faction keys:

According to user reports, the boxes reset every 24 hours. Then you can loot it again. However, other users report that this is not the case with them. Write the best in the comments, what experience you had with the boxes so far.

Which key (Hyenas, True Sons or Outcast) you get from the key boxes is supposed to be random. If you are in an area that is occupied by a particular faction, the chances are higher that there are keys of this faction.

By the way, there are also keys to the Black Tusk.

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