The Division 2: World Rank 5 Still Lasts – News About The Castle Settlement, Bugs


The Division 2: World Rank 5 Still Lasts – News About The Castle Settlement, Bugs

In The Division 2 in the world ranking 5 still waiting for a while. There’s also new information about the castle settlement and bugs.

The State of the Game was on March 20th. This is a weekly livestream where developers talk about The Division 2, announce new content, or talk about bugs and upcoming patches. At first, Massive Hamish Bode and Yannick Banchereau emphasized that The Division 2 was pretty good. The launch was smooth, the servers are stable. It was a very strong start – and from this foundation it could go on.

What’s new in the world rankings 5?

World Ranking 5: Currently World Rank 5 is still disabled. About world rank 4, you are currently not getting out in the endgame. In the Twitch chat, the users consistently demanded that Massive should call a start date. For there were rumors that World Rank 5 should open its doors this week already.

That says Massive: However, it was now said: the rumors are not right. World Rank 5 will definitely not be unlocked this week. Only in the near future will you announce when world rank 5 goes live. And then it will take a while until it actually happens.

So you definitely have a few more days to get into the endgame and climb to world rank 4.

What content is actually world rank 5? So far, this information is known, which will soon be released:

  • You can attack Tadil Basin, the base of the Black Tusk, to achieve World Rank 5
  • Gear sets are unlocked
  • The Gear score cap is raised to 500
  • Weekly invasions
  • The heroic level of difficulty
  • Massive emphasized that only the most pressing issues will be resolved before the new content becomes active.
  • So that the basic game experience is as optimal as possible for everyone.

If the castle settlement is gray, then it fits

More about bugs and problems:

  • The Castle Settlement is currently in discussion as it is grayed out by the players on the map – and is not displayed with a green icon like the other settlements. It was now stressed that this is currently “normal”. It looks weird, but it’s normal. Just a few days ago, a problem was resolved in the lock-settlement progress , by which one could not speak with Agent Kelso.
  • You make headshot sounds
  • When playing with other agents, orders such as “Visiting this NPC” can cause problems. That will be fixed. Daily and weekly resets are currently not taking place properly. You would need to be online 24 hours a day to have everything reset correctly. This is also fixed. Clan XP are easily banned
  • When you play with other players who have significantly higher or lower levels than you, there are several issues. The armor does not scale properly, the NPC damage needs to be adjusted. This is fixed with a client patch.
  • Anyone who loses weapons skins should be able to get them back soon. There you work on a fix.
  • When logging in, the character may look different than normal. This usually helps to log out and log in again. But that too will be fixed.

Cool Stats on The Division 2: Massive revealed some statistics collected since the launch:

  • So far, 5.5 billion head shots have been achieved
  • There were 123 billion shots fired
  • There were 3.9 billion NPCs killed – that’s a lot of nasty types
  • 1.3 million birds were shot