This Crazy Catapult In Fallout 76 Throws … Two-Headed Cows


This Crazy Catapult In Fallout 76 Throws … Two-Headed Cows

In Fallout 76, there are always bizarre scenes and players with crazy ideas. This could easily get into the top 3 of the strangest things. A player has built a catapult … for brahmin.

What is this catapult?

The Reddit user Vault101manguy has built a kind of launcher for Brahmin. Brahmin are mutant cows with two heads. His creation describes the user as follows:

Suitable for Siege Battles, the Brahmin Thrower costs only one unit Blade Grain per attack. He has an effective range of pretty much-far when the wind is right. Devilish in approach, the Brahmin-launcher lets rain from above psychological warfare.

In a short video, he shows how his catapult works. A Brahmin stands on some traps that he placed in his CAMP at high altitude. He kills it with a rolling pin and then presses a switch that activates the traps.

He is wearing a dress and an aluhut. Why exactly, we do not know, But it gives the whole scene the absurd flair that completes it.

How does catapult work?

Vault101manguy has built the appropriate prickly paws in front of a Brahmin pen for his catapult. The pen is a recipe that can be purchased from the dealer at Harper’s Ferry. Are you setting up the pen, eating a Brahmin from a bunch of Blade Grain and producing … well, Dung. Or you can milk it. Or just kill.

The corpse then behaves in the world like an object with physics. Since it lies directly on the traps placed below, they only have to be activated and the corpse flies. The repair costs in the connection only one unit blade grain and a little scrap.

How do you come up with such an idea?

The inspiration for his Brahmin catapult he should have from the corpse catapult of the Raider. The user is already known for his creativity anyway.

Vault 101manguy has recently introduced its Fall Lab with its Deathclaw. Previously, he has built other traps for players, such as a player oven and a cultist church, into which he lures gamblers to their damnation.

Other players from our community show that much can be achieved with a bit of interest. Our user Philipp Bungenberg has set up his own pub in Fallout 76.

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