Today Starts A Hack’n Slay MMORPG – But It’s Been Through A Lot


Today Starts A Hack’n Slay MMORPG – But It’s Been Through A Lot

The Hack’n-Slay MMORPG Guardians of Ember has launched into Open Beta. After a scandal in February 2018, the game now returns under a new publisher.

This is the Open Beta:

On March 20th, Guardians of Ember started the Open Beta. It now looks after Gameforge and brings some changes in the new beta. The publisher markets the game as “Hack’n-Slay MMORPG”.

The Guardians of Ember has already gone through this: The game was involved in February 2018 in a scandal on Steam. The then publisher Island Games invited his own employees to write their own reviews about their game “Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan”.

All games of the publisher then flew from the platform Steam. It also suffered Guardians of Ember big image damage and reached from then on often only 100-200 simultaneous players. Marketing without Steam was just too difficult.

That changed Gameforge now at the game

The new publisher Gameforge wants to forget about the past events and believes in the success of the Hack’n-Slay MMORPG. Already in January, the game started in the closed beta and now there is the open beta.

This is new to the MMORPG: Gameforge has made many changes to the game. So there are:

  • Improvements to gameplay, missions, character customization, UI optimization, and more
  • Larger language variety (German already existed)
  • On top of that: Players who register for the beta will receive special items. It does not matter if you are there for
  • The first time or already have experience in the game.

That’s what Guardians of Ember offer:

  • The game has a total of 4 races and 6 classes with over 300 skills.
  • You can prove your skills in over 60 dungeons.
  • In addition, you can compete with other players in the Horde mode. Up to 10 players can fight each other there.
  • The game is reminiscent of Diablo in many moments and advertises on its website even with the saying “WoW meets Diablo”.

Do you want to be there? The Open Beta is now free for everyone. For this, you have to download the beta at the official website of the game. It has a total of 7 GB.

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