Ultimate Team Turns 10 Today: When Does FUT Birthday Start In FIFA 19?


Ultimate Team Turns 10 Today: When Does FUT Birthday Start In FIFA 19?

FIFA’s Ultimate Team mode celebrates its 10th anniversary today, March 19th. When does FUT Birthday start in FIFA 19 – the big FUT birthday event?

When did the Ultimate Team appear? On March 19, 2009, EA Sports ushered in a new era in the FIFA franchise. On this day, the “FIFA Ultimate Team” mode, commonly known as FUT, kicked off in FIFA 09.

This was the beginning of the most successful – and most profitable – mode in the history of FIFA.

Today, on March 19, 2019, FUT will be 10 years old. So far, EA Sports has not announced a birthday event for FUT 19 – but you certainly will not miss this anniversary without a party. After all, “FUT Birthday” has been a tradition for years.


A release date of FUT Birthday – When does the event begin?

Official start date is still pending. However, possible dates can be severely limited.

Since the FUT Birthday event always starts around March 19th, the release date is either:

  • The 15th of March – from that date many went out first but ran instead of the Karneball
  • 19 March – this date is obvious but unlikely. Big events start on FUT 19 on Fridays. So it’s not going to happen today.
  • March 22 – this is the upcoming Friday and the new start date, which many experts now commit to. We also expect that on 22.3. starts at 19 o’clock.

When does the event end? FUT Birthday usually runs for a week. On 29.3. should be over.

Bear in mind that these are not official information. EA Sports will probably reveal just before the start when it actually starts.

What awaits us at FUT-Birthday? EA Sports is expected to release a FUT Birthday crew. This contains upgraded maps of players who were fan favorites in past FUT parts.

In addition to the FUT Birthday cards, you can probably expect SBCs, pack deals and maybe a surprise or two.

More information about the FUT-Birthday-content and an overview of FUT-Birthday in FIFA 18 you can see here:

The short story about FUT

That’s how FUT started: Ten years ago, the Ultimate Team mode was introduced as a pay-DLC. He cost around $ 10. FUT 09 already had the scaffolding that makes up the mode these days: There was chemistry, there were player, fitness, training and contract cards, you could pick a stadium and earn coins.

In addition, it was possible to create his Ultimate team through skillful negotiations in the transfer market or by opening sets. The quality grades gold, silver and bronze already existed. After tournaments or seasons, you searched in vain, but you could play offline and online. The basics of FUT, which we still know today, were already in FUT 09.

Here you see a trailer for FUT 19:

Over the years, the mode has been extended with many innovations, such as

  • In FUT 10 with the TOTW cards,
  • FUT 12 with the TOTY and the TOTS,
  • In FUT 16 with FUT Draft
  • Or in FUT 17 with FUT Champions and SBCs.

The most important innovation was probably in FUT 11: EA Sports decided to offer the Ultimate Team mode for free. This was the breakthrough for FUT, as crowds of fans now had no hurdle to look into FUT. Player numbers and revenue from micro-transactions have increased enormously since then.