Who Plays The 1st Battle Pass In Apex Legends, Has Enough Coins For The 2.


Who Plays The 1st Battle Pass In Apex Legends, Has Enough Coins For The 2.

Apex Legends now offers Season 1’s new Battle Pass. It costs real money, but it’s worth it in the end. Because who durchrockt the pass, gets at the end more Apex coins out, as he has put into it.

How much is the Battle Pass? Apex Legends has finally launched its first season and on March 19, 2019, at 18 clocks finally comes the first Battle Pass. It contains massive rewards and costs 950 apex coins. The cost is equivalent to 9.50 euros in real money.

Why do you get your money back, so to speak? The pass contains over 100 rewards. These include skins for heroes and weapons, banners and Apex coins . There are a total of 1,000 such coins, the real money exchange currency of Apex Legends. This will get you for your 9.50 euros at the end 10 euros out again.

Can I earn real money with the Battle Pass?

The thing, however, has a catch. The 1,000 Apex Coins are firmly tied into the game. So you only get the exchange currency Apex Coins and not real money back.

When are the coins in the Battle Pass? The coins are available on levels 7, 11, 17, 21, 31, 37, 41, 47, 57, 63, 67, 87 and 97. The exact values ​​of the different unlock are not yet known. But you will probably have to play far towards the end of the pass. Since there are no additional challenges for a faster ascent in Apex Legends at least in Season 1, this should take some time.

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What can I do with Apex Coins?

From the coins, you can buy all kinds of things in the game. Among other things, Loot Boxing with Cosmetics, one of the Paywall heroes or her saves the coins.

It would be particularly worthwhile to buy the new hero Octane, which costs only 750 Apex coins. Alternatively, you can farm 12,000 Legend Tokens in the game and unlock them. So you get the 2nd Battle Pass for free: If you pick up the coins, you can get the second Battle Pass in a few weeks. This will appear according to the roadmap of Apex Legends in June.

According to Respawn Entertainment, you can use the coins to unlock the next Battle Pass when it comes out. So if Apex Legends runs like Fortnite, then the pass with the unchanged price of 950 Coins should come along and be financed over and over again from the previous pass. Anyone who never spends any more coins should in principle receive all upcoming Battle Passes in vain if he plays through the previous pass and picks up the Coin Rewards.