WoW Makes A Strange Offer For Ex-Gamers To Gamble Again For Free


WoW Makes A Strange Offer For Ex-Gamers To Gamble Again For Free

Former World of Warcraft players is invited to watch the MMORPG again this weekend. Blizzard distributes free access to old accounts and new content. That’s what the offer is about: If you once played WoW, but have not looked in for a while, you can watch the news for a weekend.

For a few days, all former accounts get access to World of Warcraft up to and including Legion. There’s also a short trial period for the latest expansion, Battle for Azeroth, if you have not purchased the expansion yet.

The test phase includes three hours of gameplay in the content of Battle for Azeroth per character or until the quest “We Need Each Other” (Horde) or “A Split Nation” (Alliance) has been completed. The test phase can be repeated with up to 12 characters.

That’s why the offer is strange:

Players are offered to try WoW for free up to and including Legion. That’s already possible for some time. If you did not buy Battle for Azeroth, you only get three hours of play time (per character) for the new content.

When does the offer apply?

The start of the returner special is on Thursday, March 21, 2019. The event ends on Monday, March 25, 2019. However, specific times are still pending. A similar offer already existed for Legion. How can I participate? If you have not played WoW for a while and maybe you have not even installed it, you must first download the client.

You can find this on the official homepage. Load the client and install over this WoW. The official post from Blizzard will help you with any further problems.

What can I experience in time?

What you can do with the event depends on whether you already own Battle for Azeroth or not. If you have already purchased Battle for Azeroth. You will have access to all the characters on your server for the duration of the event. Without having to pay the fee for WoW. You can just gamble as if you paid and you can do anything that would be possible with a regular account.

Anyone who already owns BFA can take the time to see the new Allied Races of the Zandalari Trolls and Kul Tirans. Which have been made available with Patch 8.1.5? If you do not have Battle for Azeroth. You have three hours per character in Battle for Azeroth and all content up to and including Legion. The legion content is also included in the “Starter Version” of WoW.

The main change here is the trial lessons you ‘ll receive for BFA, where you ‘ll be able to see some of the new quest areas and content, including the new heart of Azeroth. Will you try it again?

If you are one of the experienced WoW players, you will surely know these things: