All Good Release Dates Are 3: Path Of Exile Is Now Really On PS4


All Good Release Dates Are 3: Path Of Exile Is Now Really On PS4

As it looks like, the PS4 version of Path of Exile’s odyssey will soon be at an end. Even the last skeptics are now apparently convinced of the release date. Until recently that was different.

Many fans have been waiting for this:

Path of Exile is scheduled for PS4 on Tuesday, March 26, 2019.

But after the third announcement of a release date, not everyone believed that it would work this time.

But a tweet from the developers probably took the last skeptics doubt.

This tweet goes: Yesterday, Grinding Gear Games announced on Twitter that there will be an AMA Q & A session (ask me anything) with the developers for the upcoming PS4 release in the PS4 sub-Reddit on Thursday, 9:00 pm today ,

The fans can ask all sorts of questions they have about this topic. The developers will try to answer as many as possible.

Why were so many fans skeptical?

While announcing the current release date, there were plenty of fans looking forward to the appointment, but there were also a lot of skeptics who just shook their heads or smiled at the new appointment.

Because after so many shifts, many players did not really believe that the new date would be held by the developers. Numerous fans were more likely from a new shift at the last moment.

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For example, Path of Exile on PS4 was initially scheduled for December 7, 2018, then a release was scheduled for January 2019, until the game was postponed to mid-March.

Now it will finally work on the 26th of March at the end of the month.

That’s the mood after the recent tweet:

The reactions of the fans are now significantly different than when the official announcement of the current release date.

Now it looks as if even the last skeptics convinced of the observance of the start date on the PS4. In contrast to the actual release announcement, there are hardly any critical votes – either in the social media, on Reddit or in the official forums.

The fans diligently gather questions that they want to address to the developers during the question round.

The mood is positive, players are looking forward to the PS4 launch of Path of Exiles and are eager to finally plunge into virtual monster slaughter.

Now even the last skeptics no longer reckon with a new shift. After a large question-round just a few days before the release, this option seems almost impossible.

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