Anyone Who Changes The Region In Apex Legends Gets The Loot He Wants


Anyone Who Changes The Region In Apex Legends Gets The Loot He Wants

Apex Legends also offers free loot boxes in the season 1 Battle Pass. But those who do not mind chance loot can currently use a simple trick to make the loot more concrete.

What’s the problem with the Lootboxes in the passport?

The Battle Pass of Season 1 in Apex Legends includes several free loot boxes on some levels. Among other things, they contain a guaranteed epic and later a legendary item. The problem with that is that there are tons of items in Apex. So your guaranteed Epic or Legendary Loot can also be a skin for a hero you do not play, a silly banner or an alternative look for the unpopular Mozambique weapon.

Belgium as a region shuts off Random-Loot

What does Belgium have to do with lootboxes? In Belgium, RNG loot boxes have been considered a game of chance since a court ruling and are therefore largely illegal. Therefore, publishers like EA had to give in and take the Lootboxes out of their games. So also in Apex Legends. In Belgium, therefore, there is no random loot, but crafting parts.

This is how crafting works: The crafting parts, in turn, can be specifically converted into loot. And exactly what you want. You simply select the desired object in the menu of your weapons or legends and click on “Unlock”.

Here’s how many crafting parts you need:

  • Usually : 30
  • Rarely : 60
  • Epic : 400
  • Legendary : 1,200

So many crafting parts can be found in Belgium: Belgian players regularly get crafting parts. In total they are:

  • Level 26: 250 parts
  •            43: 60 parts
  •            53: 60 parts
  •            73: 60 parts
  •            83: 60 parts
  •            86: 800 parts
  •            93: 60 parts
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Together, this results in 1,350 crafting pieces, enough to handle any Legendary piece right away. This is less than what you would get from the Lootboxes, that would be guaranteed 5 rare and one Epic and Legendary Item. But the prospect of guaranteed loot rather than RNG loot is more appealing to many players.

Nobody wants a legendary Mozambique!

This is how you avoid the Lootboxes: So if you do not mind Random-Loot, you have to move to Belgium or use this trick. After all, according to some Reddit users, it is currently easy to put the region on Belgium by adjusting your account on the EA website.

How this works is explained in the following video.

Wait, is that allowed? Obviously, but do not expect this backdoor to last forever. EA will not think it’s good for you to pry out the Lootboxes so easily. It’s quite possible that you’ll add more locks soon to make sure you’re really Belgian.

But according to a Reddit user, the action may also send a signal to EA that loot boxes are simply not well received by many players and you have to change this.

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