Carniball in FIFA 19 Was Really Good – Now FUT Birthday Has To Convince


Carniball in FIFA 19 Was Really Good – Now FUT Birthday Has To Convince

The next event in FIFA 19 will start on Friday with FUT Birthday. The many promos in 2019 are critically discussed by the community – but just the expired Carniball makes hope, finds our author, Max.

Update: On 22.3. starts FUT-Birthday! EA has now published a lot of information – there are gifts.

Those who have been to FIFA 19 over the past few months have found Team of the Year, Future Stars, Headliners and more – the list of events since the end of last year is long. The biggest problem: Getting into strong event cards is not easy.

That’s the problem with events: In the FIFA community, many players accuse EA of being pure moneymaking. The events and top cards are just there to get the players to buy packs. That even with high investments rarely event players are pulled out of the pack, put the whole on the crown.

The Tenor: Only those who really invest a lot of real money in packs have the chance to get colorful cards. Players who do not want to invest more money, have the disadvantage – only with pure gambling you needed a truckload of luck to get event tickets.

But here the Carniball has improved.

Many players only came in packs – but not exclusively

That made Carniball different: a journey through the carnival strongholds of the world, fancy card designs, and an unusual event player selection – the initial situation of the Carniball event sounded interesting. However, it seemed like you could only rely on packs again. While this was also true for the main Carniball team, there were many good aspects.

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The promo also brought interesting weekly goals. Even though the Ultimate Scream or Future Stars were occasionally able to get event players or very good players over week goals. But at Carniball there were four players who could be proud of:

Weekly tasks allow unusual games:

These players could be earned simply by playing. Of course, for a Serie A player like me, Emre Can be interesting. The task: nine online games with silver players from Germany – sounded feasible.

The silver team was assembled quickly. In the online single-game mode, you only met opponents who had the same goals and therefore played unusual teams.

And lo and behold: what first sounded like a tiresome task to finally get an event player was even really fun.

It was surprisingly a lot of fun to play against equal opponents with an unfamiliar team

Swap deals make SBCs possible: in the end, the can card waved perfectly, fitting perfectly into the team. But that was not all: a short time later came under many other challenges an SBC, with which one could get a Carniball Bonaventura. And to make Serie A luck perfect, there was also a Flashback De Rossi SBC.

Normally, the requirements for the two SBCs would have been far too high. But: in March, TOTW players could be acquired in the swap deals, which fit perfectly into the SBCs. The combination of Carniball and March swap deals made it possible for me to suddenly have three matching colorful cards in the team without having to invest any money. That was never possible in this form at previous events.

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What does the FUT Birthday bring?

That’s what players hope for: There are similar stories in the FIFA Subreddit. Finally, one could earn really exciting players – many were pleased above all about Carniball-Talisca from the Wochenzielen.

And even if some would rather have desired other event players: For many, EA Sports took a step in this direction with this event. A path that many hope will continue at the next event. The event could be something special: On Friday, March 22, starts the FUT Birthday Event, which will celebrate ten years Ultimate Team. Accordingly, the players are curious – although not yet known what the event will involve.

But many hope to be able to get good rewards in a playful way – as with the Carniball.

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