Destiny 2: Servers Are Down Now – Right In Your After Hours


Destiny 2: Servers Are Down Now – Right In Your After Hours

At Destiny 2 today, on March 21, the servers are down. Bungie carries out maintenance work – exactly when the after-work gambling starts in this country. Information about the server status.

Bungie is doing pretty spontaneous maintenance today. Without much notice in advance, they announced a few hours ago that today, on March 21, the servers will be shut down.

These are the important times today:

  • At 18 o’clock the maintenance work begins. The servers are shutting down. Both Destiny 2 and Destiny 1 will be offline on all platforms worldwide (PS4, Xbox One, PC).
  • If you are still in the game at 6:00 pm, you will be taken to the login screen. So make sure you finish your activity before 6 pm.
  • At 19 o’clock the maintenance should be finished. From then on you can log in to Destiny 2 or Destiny 1 again.
    Keep in mind that Bungie never deals with these times accurately. Possibly the servers go back later – or sooner – back online.

Will Bungie change what’s in Destiny 2 today?

Are changes known? No, no update or other changes are scheduled for today. Through the social channels, Bungie has not commented on whether or how today’s maintenance will affect the gaming experience.

Only yesterday the update was loaded. All changes can be found in the link. Incidentally, according to the gameplay calendar, no new Season 6 content will be released today. In addition to the weekly Gambit Prime Map rotation, there will not be a new event until April 9 with the Arkus Week.

Today, Bungie probably only tinkers a bit in the background on the servers. If something should change, we will complete the article.

That’s what bothers maintenance: for guardians in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, this maintenance work still has an impact on the gaming experience. Because it takes place in the middle of the evening when guardians want to play in this country. At this time you have to look for another job.

This new information is coming soon: community manager dmg04 announced a few hours ago that in the upcoming “This Week at Bungie” they will talk about the improvement kernels and their future role in the ecosystem. There are no plans to decouple these from the infusion. But in the coming season, they should be updated.

Stay Tuned For More Updates