ESO Players Celebrate A New Feature That Tells Them Where To Go


ESO Players Celebrate A New Feature That Tells Them Where To Go

The Elder Scrolls Online had two brilliant new dungeons in the last DLC update, Wrathstone. But the star of the update was something else for many players: a kind of navigation helps players to find suitable game content for them.

What was the highlight of the update?

The big DLC Wrathstone came to the end of February and brought the dawn of the new season of the dragon and two fat dungeons to The Elder Scrolls Online for paying customers.

There was also Update 21, which is available for all players. And that brought a feature that greatly thrilled crowds of ESO fans.

What has been the problem of ESO so far?

The Elder Scrolls Online is a game with a huge world of content. You’ll find Tamriel’s new quests and tasks in every corner. Unfortunately (but also to the delight of many) the game is structured differently than many MMORPGs.

You only ever have one active quest on your compass, there is no mini map and the big map always shows only the selected task. That is already very confusing. But then, every time you accept a new quest, you automatically have it active. The old task is so easy to lose sight of.

Often you come back late, that you had another quest yet and then you may already be somewhere else. So where was this funny quest again? This is especially annoying when you have taken a longer break and wanted to do something somewhere before the break.

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What is different now? Since update 21, there is a feature called “Area Guide”. This is an inconspicuous comfort feature that you can easily overlook.

But it would be a mistake to overlook them. Because you can target targeted quests, achievements and activities in the area. Whether it’s the current main quest, open dungeons, world events, or set workshops, the area guide shows you how many you’ve visited and where you can find the next one in your area.

This will make the flood of content more manageable and you can finally go exploring and working on content without having to keep external lists.

Community cheers

This is how the new feature reaches the fans: Reddit was recently asked how the new feature would be. The reactions were almost entirely positive:

  • “I celebrate that there is another icon for the main story! This way I can optimally farm them for skill points with twinks! “
  • “I wanted that for years!”
  • “I did not know that I needed it until I had it!”
  • “I love it! Especially for us console players, because we can not use mods that would have done the same thing. “
  • “It helped me to find all the books in Stormhaven”
  • “At last, I’ve become level 10 with the Mages Guild!”

Most players love the new feature and do not want to miss it anymore. Only now and then do you hear voices that complain because you would not have time to explore.

How do you like the new area guide feature?

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