EVE Online Tests Engine In Battle With 10,000 Ships – It looks Awesome


EVE Online Tests Engine In Battle With 10,000 Ships – It looks Awesome

In EVE Online, there was a one-hour test for a new “Aether Engine” to improve huge battles. The goal was to make the material battles typical of EVE run smoother in space. It looks like a big success.

What kind of test was that?

During the 2019 Game Developer Conference, CCP developers of EVE Online hosted a test on March 20. In this player and bots should use the “Aether Engine” properly.

After a new trailer should lure the players to EVE, the test serves to increase the stability of the game in the future. CCP has been working on such a project for more than a year.

The engine is based on the HadeanOS. The operating system uses cloud technology and promises to transmit even huge amounts of data in real time. Ideal for the standards in which battles take place in EVE.

This is how the test went: In order to test the new Aether Engine, according to the official Dev Blog of EVE Online 3,852 players have logged in. To play there was a death match, a space battle over an hour in which defeated players emerge again and it comes to defeating as many opponents.

The almost 4,000 pilots were joined by AI players, bots, who should take the place of real players. So over 14,000 players and bots came together. Although EVE Online has even introduced its own server for such immense battles, the number astonishes many players. The developers released some statistics about the battle:

  • 10,412 ships/pilots participated in the battle simultaneously
  • In total, 88,988 ships were destroyed
  • over 14 million torpedoes were fired
  • The test should have been only the first. The developers write:

There will be more tests in the future and more chances to help shape the future of huge virtual worlds.

How did the test go?

Despite some technical issues, disconnections and delays, the results were positive. The developers are satisfied and the players probably had their fun.

The game was still in some places, but for the size of the battle, it was quite fluid. An impressive video of a player, we have included below for you.

Also in the community on Reddit and in the official forum, there is currently mainly positive feedback, but this was only about an hour before writing this article was visible. The size of the test leaves many hoping that EVE Online will soon make even more impressive battles possible.

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