Fortnite: Kugler Map – Map Shows All Current Localities


Fortnite: Kugler Map – Map Shows All Current Localities

In Season 8 of Fortnite: Battle Royale you have to drive several laps in week 4 with the new Kugler. But where are the fun new vehicles? We show you!

That’s the task for the Kugler:

The Kugler (Baller) is a new vehicle in Fortnite that came into play with the latest patch. It is a kind of hamster ball with a claw on it.

With that, you can roll around and swing yourself to unexpected heights. Even crazy stunts with cannons are possible.

In Week 4 of Season 8, the Kugler has become even more important. You should roll around in different laps with the vehicle. Of course, that’s hard if you never find a Kugler.

The locality of the Kugler on the map

Here you can find the Kugler: Kugler can usually be found at the expedition outposts. These container buildings are easy to spot as they are red and quite large. Alternatively, there are also various Kugler at pirate camps. There they spawnen often times.

The map shown here shows good Kugler localities. It seems as if the fun hamster balls are especially common in the ice biome in the southwest and in the new jungle in the northeast.

What do you have to do for the task?

For the Weekly Chains from Week 3 you just have to find and use a Kugler. Otherwise, no further action with the vehicle is necessary. Of course, that should not stop you from having lots of fun with the Kugler.

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You should note this in the Kugler: The localities of the Kugler have sought after. Not only because the Kugler is a fun vehicle. Rather, you can also find moderately good loot in the Kuglern.

Therefore, the detour to the Kugler site is always worthwhile, as long as you are the first to arrive there. If you land there later, be prepared for a tough fight against well-equipped enemies

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