Fortnite: Secret Banner, No Star, From Week 4 In Season 8 – Location


Fortnite: Secret Banner, No Star, From Week 4 In Season 8 – Location

In week 4 of Season 8 in Fortnite, this time there is no star hidden, but a secret banner. We show you the location of the banner on the map.

What’s in the banner? This banner can be picked up at the end of the weekly challenge. You can not collect the banner until you have completed all the tasks.

The banner is always hidden in other places. So you do not have to search so long, we show you here the locality.

Here’s the hint: When you have finished all the tasks of the 4th week, then a new loading screen appears. This picture will then always give a hint to the locality. In week 4, the loading screen looks like this:

What does the loading screen show? This time you see various banana skins that seemingly bear their banking. The whole thing runs on the volcano of the new Season 8 map.

Where is the hint? The hint on the secret banner can be found in the background. There a torch lights up and under it hangs the wanted banner. At this point, you have to search to find the banner.

Where do you have to search? This locality is directly on the volcano, southwest of the city Sunny Steps. The banner can be found northeast of the volcano crater.

So it’s easier to find: So that you have even fewer problems finding, we will show you a video that shows you the location exactly. So you can not miss the banner in any case.

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