Legendary Missions Come As New Content To Anthem – We Know That


Legendary Missions Come As New Content To Anthem – We Know That

Anthem will get new content with the upcoming update. Legendary missions should be a special challenge, which can also come up with a good loot.

When will the new content come? In the last livestream on March 20th, BioWare talked about upcoming content for Anthem, among others. These should come along with some changes with the next patch into play.

Update 1.04 is scheduled for next week, but an exact date is not fixed yet.

A summary of the BioWare livestream can be found here in the Anthem Subreddit as well as VoD on Twitch .

What are Legendary Missions? The patch adds Legendary Missions to Anthem as new content. These missions are harder versions of some of the quests players have experienced in the campaign. However, Legendary missions come with a twist.

In addition to the increased level of difficulty, the missions also encounter an “Apex Creature”, one of the great monsters Anthem has to offer. These can be either Ursix, Titans, Enlightened or Furies, who according to the livestream can come up with a “nice Loottabelle”. The loot of the four creatures was only buffed with the last hotfix.

How do Legendary missions go? Legendary missions you will not have to pick up from an NPC, they will always be visible on the map. So you can simply select them as missions or fortresses before departure with the Javelin from the map.

You will each have a Legendary Mission available, which will change daily. To start the feature, there are six missions that you can repeat as many times as you want.

In addition to the big monsters, which can bring you good loot, there is still a box at the end of the Legendary Missions.

We have a route to boxing in Freeplay here for you .

What else comes with the patch? In addition to the Legendary Missions, further changes were announced for Patch 1.04. The patch notes for the upcoming update should, according to the developers in the livestream about 13 pages of a Word document occupy.

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