Lost Ember – Atmospheric Adventure will be released in July


Lost Ember – Atmospheric Adventure will be released in July

After more than two years of abstinence. The Mooneye Studios is back with their atmospheric exploration adventure. Lost Ember, which even has a release date.

In Lost Ember, you take on the role of a wolf. Who can also take control of other animals? As you make your way through the ruins of Machu Kila’s fallen civilization. Remember what happened to the people there. It’s about loyalty, betrayal, and despair. You can explore the world from various and fascinating perspectives. Including deep waters, spectacular heights, deep in the ground, or on rocky walls.


  • Play as a noble wolf with the magical abilities to inhabit a menagerie of creatures. And explore the land, sea, earth, and sky of this ancient world.
  • Owns all kinds of animals – from the eagle, through the mole, from mountain goats to fish. And much more like hummingbirds or ducks, many with unique abilities.
  • Reveal an epic plot that blends folklore, the myth. And legend to tell the story of a once mighty empire now lost in the ravages of time.
  • Experience a truly organic world, from densely wooded forests to barren deserts. And Gigantic canyon valleys, lush rainforest canopies, archaic temples, and colorful coral reefs.
  • Five to six hours of adventurous gameplay in which you will lose yourself.
  • Lost Ember will be released on July 19, 2019.