Overwatch League Screwed Coin Toss – Boss Promises: “Never again”


Overwatch League Screwed Coin Toss – Boss Promises: “Never again”

A coin toss is causing quite a stir in the Overwatch League. After a random decision and a mistake of the commentators, boss Nate Nanzer now promises that this will never happen again.

Which coin toss is it?

The Overwatch League hosts the playoffs for the first phase of Season 2 on the weekend of March 22nd. For this, the best eight teams of the Overwatch League were divided into four pairings, which compete against each other.

In the playoffs, after the “regular season”, everything is done and ultimately, who wins this phase of the season and wins prize money.

These matches were based on the winning stats that teams reached in the first phase of the regular season. However, two teams were exactly alike, each with a different team:

  • Philadelphia Fusion and Toronto Defiant, both in 3rd place
  • San Francisco Shock and Seoul Dynasty ranked 6th respectively

Why are places important? They decide who a team plays against in the first round:

  • Who reaches third place, plays against the 6th place.
  • Reaches fourth place, plays against the 5th place.
  • Anyone who reaches a higher place in the normal season thus has the chance of a statistically weaker opponent in the playoffs.

So the place was decided: In order to decide which team gets place 3 or 4 or place 6 or 7, the teams could play an offline match or let a toss decide.

Fusion and Defiant chose the coin.

That went awry: The first official coin toss of the Overwatch League led by League boss Nate Nanzer personally. He threw the coin. The head was for the Toronto Defiant, the number for the Philadelphia merger. The litter and the result were streamed on Instagram.

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Although the coin showed its head, Nanzer Philadelphia appointed Fusion for victory. A mistake that he could clear up in a later stream again.

In the community, however, this quickly led to confusion.


These are the consequences: Already shortly after the mishap Nate Nanzer corrected in another stream and apologized for the mistake. He reacted even further to the mishap.

In a Reddit thread, the league boss made it clear that something like that never happens again and that the coin toses never used again:

Sorry for fucking that up. I PROMISE that we never again decide this way.

This means that each tie now decided by a match of the same standing teams. However, the coin toss should not even be the biggest problem of the Overwatch League.

What do you think of the coin toss?

The Meta of the Overwatch League currently bothers a lot more people. But this was celebrated with a funny scene:

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