Pokémon GO: All Information About The Community Day In March With Geckarbor

Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO: All Information About The Community Day In March With Geckarbor

On Saturday, the 23rd of March, the Community Day starts in March with Geckarbor in Pokémon GO. We’ll tell you all about start time, bonuses and Shinys, so you can make the most of the event.

What are community days?

Community Days are special events that take place once a month. Then spawn for 3 hours a special Pokémon increasingly in the wild. In addition, there are still worthwhile bonuses that round out the event.

In March 2019, everything revolves around the plant starter Geckarbor . It’s the first 3rd generation star who gets a community day.

  • Community Day in March – Accurate times and bonuses
  • What: The Pokémon GO Community Day in March 2019
  • When: Saturday, March 23rd, from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm German time (GMT + 1)
  • Pokémon of the day: Geckarbor
  • Exclusive attack: Flora Statue (Gewaldro)
  • Bonus: The distance to hatch eggs is reduced to a quarter.
  • Bonus: 3-Hour Lock Modules Additional
  • Bonus: To learn the exclusive Attack Flora statue, you can develop your Gewaldro until 7pm
  • Bonuses Geckarbor C Day
  • See all the bonuses again at a glance.

These are the new times: Pay attention to the new event time. The Community Day does not take place this time from 11 o’clock, but only at 15 o’clock. He then runs for 3 hours until 6pm.

Is there a Shiny Geckarbor?

Although the Shiny form of Geckarbor is not yet officially confirmed, it may be that there will be Geckarbor as Shiny. For every Community Day there was also the Event Pokémon as Shiny.

What can Gewaldro do with Flora Statue?

How can Gewaldro Flora learn a statue? The exclusive attack Flora Statue you get only through development. You have to develop a reptain for Gewaldro. However, this is only on Saturday between 15 clock and 19 clock. After the Community Day you will get an extra hour for the development. With TMs you can not teach Flora Statue.

So good is Gewaldro: The attack strengthens Gewaldro enormously . This makes it, according to Roserade, the best plant attacker in the game. The damage per second that Gewaldro distributes with Flora Statue is very high. It is worthwhile to develop a Gewaldro.

This weather reinforces geckarbor: geckarbor is of the plant type. Sunny weather gives the Pokémon a weather bonus. Geckarbor is so strong in the wild: Maximum Geckarbor can reach 902 WP without weather bonus. This would be a Geckarbor with 10% IV at level 30. With weather bonus, it can even reach a maximum, so at level 35, 977 WP.

The following list helps you rate Geckarbor. Copy this list into your search bar and it shows you potential Geckarbor with 100%. But it could also be Geckarbor on higher levels and with worse IV.

252 & CP14, cp46, cp78, CP110, CP142, cp173, cp205, cp237, cp269, CP300, cp331, cp361, cp391, cp421, cp451, cp481, cp511, cp541, cp571, cp601, cp631, cp661, cp692, cp722, cp752, cp782, cp812, cp842, cp872, cp902, cp917, cp932, cp947, cp962, cp977

  • Eggs Pokemon GO
  • Breeding machines or super-breeding machines – 9 pieces
  • The bonus on this Community Day is the shortened egg distances. So, especially breeding machines are
  • worthwhile. If you play the full 3 hours, then at least 9 hatcheries should be in the luggage.
  • Important: You should only put your eggs into the incubators after the event starts, because only then will the
  • distance be reduced. If you take them in front of it, you have to walk the normal distances.
  • Lock modules – 3 pieces or more
  • Lock modules hold over the event for 3 hours. So it’s worth it to light some, because they attract more Geckarbor.

Smoke – 6 piecesSmoke is also a great way to get geckarbor. If you fire 6 pieces, then you are well equipped for the event, because a smoke lasts 30 minutes.

  • Pokémon GO smoke
  • Star piece – 6 pieces

If you incubate so many eggs, you also get a lot of stardust. In addition, every catch brings you more dust. Star pieces increase stardust again. They also last 30 minutes. 6 pieces are so important.

Geckarbor will surely eat many balls again. So you should have a large supply ready. Especially super and hyperballs are important here. The GO-Plus helps catch you. So you can catch the Pokémon by pressing a button if you just want to take a break.

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