Resourceful Players Do Not Even Use A New Weapon In Fortnite As A Weapon


Resourceful Players Do Not Even Use A New Weapon In Fortnite As A Weapon

In Fortnite, a new weapon went live today: the stone impact gun. This pirate weapon has been picked in the community before, but now it proves useful or at least interesting. It is a great way to jump around and avoid case damage.

That’s the new weapon: The Steinstoßpistole came today in the new update to Fortnite. It causes high damage, but has major disadvantages:

  • You can only take one shot with her, then you have to reload
  • Reloading takes forever 3 seconds
  • The Steinstoßpistole works only in the Nah-distance
  • it also pushes back the player and the hit opponent

That’s what players said in front of the patch about the weapon: the players were relatively horrified when they learned the “pure” values ​​of the weapon through Datamining. Especially the three-second reload made them create.

The weapon seemed pointless in her eyes. They hardly saw a way to kill an enemy with it.

If you reloaded the thing, you’d just get shot.

In addition, many pistols and handguns are already in the game, another seemed to the players actually nonsensical and unnecessary.

Some were also looking forward to the weapon

So the weapon now used in Fortnite: A few hours after the update went live, but first stunts on Reddit show that the weapon carries lot of use.

Not because it does damage, but because it pushes the player back.

The first videos show how the thing is used effectively.

  • Here you can see a player using the Stonebuilder to catapult themselves through the air, switch to a shotgun in flight, and then kill the opponent.
  • A player uses 5 of the stone throwing guns to fire them one after the other and shimmy over the map
  • Here a player fires on the ground, catapults himself upwards and can thus claim the “High Ground” for himself in Fortnite.
  • In addition, first players have already found out that with the stone impact gun the case damage can be avoided.

The community finds such creative solutions pretty cool.

This is behind it: The new weapon with the catastrophic stats proves more as a moving item, as a real alternative to the numerous handguns that are already in the game.

It will be interesting to see what ways the resourceful Fortnite players use to use the weapon to their advantage. Maybe the weapon even finds use in competitive play.

Feared one last the mighty hamster, the Kugler. Which threw now however far away with impulse grenades. Also, funny items balanced and countered.

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