That’s Why The New Shinys In Pokémon GO Are So Rare To Get


That’s Why The New Shinys In Pokémon GO Are So Rare To getting

Shiny Sonnfel and Lunastein are now live in Pokémon GO, but these dazzling Pokémon are very special. They are the first regional shinies in the game.

This makes the Shinys so rare: Lunastein and Sonnfel are not found anywhere in the world. While Lunastein can be caught here in Europe, Sonnfel can only be found in other regions of the world.

For us German players it means that you can not catch Sonnfel at the moment. The rarer is a Shiny of the Pokémon.

You know that about Shiny Sonnfel and Lunastein

Here are the regional Pokémon: Since the event that started, the two Pokémon have swapped locations. This will continue to be the case after the end of the event.

Lunastein can now be found in Europe, Asia, and Australia, while Sonnfel appears in North and South America as well as in Africa.

That means it for the German players: So here we will only find Lunastein. If you want a dazzling Sonnfel, then you have to travel to other regions of the world.

Lunastein is so rare: In the current plant event, Lunastein is quite common. But if this event is over, then the regional Pokémon should be much harder to find. So it will be a very rare Shiny.

If you really want to have a Shiny Lunastein, then you should take advantage of the current event as much as possible.

Is there still a chance on Sonnfel? The regional Pokémon exchanged their regions last year. A renewed change cannot be ruled out.

There was also an event where both Pokémon were in raids, all over the world. So you have the chance to Shiny Sonnfel in such events, if such an event is repeated.

That’s why it’s so special: Lunastein and Sonnfel are the first shinys to be regional. All other shinys can be caught all over the world. For Sonnfel you have to travel now or hope for another change.

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