The Gadwall Is A Beast In The Division 2 – So You Get The Exotic


The Gadwall Is A Beast In The Division 2 – So You Get The Exotic

In The Division 2 , the exotic Gadwall (The Chatterbox) is one of the best weapons in PvP. So you get the Exotic with Loaded Canister, Creative Magazine and Mod-Mods.

That’s why the Gadwall is worth it: Shortly after the launch of The Division 2, “The Chatterbox” is one of the best exotics in the game. In German, this exotic submachine gun carries the nice name “The Gadwall”.

However, you will not receive the weapon as a random drop or item in a dealer’s offer. Instead, you have to assemble them yourself. For this you need several components that you have to find first.

Get Gadget – That’s how it works

The requirements for the Gadwall:

  • You must (presumably) have completed the campaign and reached the endgame need the luck to find the components. According to user reports, the further your character has progressed, the higher the drop chances on the components
  • You need enough keys to Hyenas. At least 4, more at best. You ‘ll find these in key boxes in the Underground of Washington DC – Here’s how to efficiently get key of the Hyenas

You need these components for the Gadwall:

  • MP: Loaded canister
  •       : Creative Magazine
  •       : mod mods
    and: The lost blueprint of the Gadwall
  • Once you have these items, you can craft the Gadwall at the manufacturing station. In addition, 30 polycarbonates, 22 titanium, and 69 lock housing components are needed as crafting materials.
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All information and tips on crafting and the materials you can read here:

So you get the exotic components

Location of MP: Loaded Canister: This component can be found in the mission “Hotel Grand Washington”. In a bathroom is a box of hyenas under a sink. Another box is in the mission right next to the door when you enter the roof.

For each one, you need a Hyenas key. Both boxes should have the chance of the exotic component – but a guaranteed drop is not. The exact locations of the boxes you can see in the video of Charles from minute 0:57:

The site of MP: Creative Magazine: This component can be found in the mission “Jefferson Trade Center”. Play the mission until you get into the garage. At the ramp behind two vans is the box in the corner.

In the video, you see the locality from 1:33.

Location of the Gadwall Blueprint: The blueprint can be found in the mission “Bank-Headquarters”. Play the mission until you come into the room with the big window and the computer tables. On the left side of the room is a hidden wall safe. You have to stand directly against the wall to see the message that you can interact with.

In the safe is a key card. Keep running until you reach the vault. Run to the left, where there is a golden gate. Open it with the key card. You have to interact with the switch to the right of the gate. Now you find a box of the Hyenas, in which the blueprint is.

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You see this place in the video of Charles from 2:18.

The site of MP: Mod-Mods: This component can be found in the Open-World, you do not have to start a mission. Run to the police headquarters at Judiciary Square (in the southeast of the area). Incidentally, there is also a side mission there. Go over the courtyard with the fountain and the wall with the two doors. There is an elevator shaft on the right, scrambling down the stairs.

Run across the parking lot to the gun behind which hides a box of hyenas. In the area, there should be more boxes where the component can be put in it.

The location of this component you can see in the video of WillisGaming from minute 5:44:

Notes on the Hyenas boxes:

  • The boxes are reset daily. Then you have another chance at the right loot. Currently, the daily and weekly reset is not working properly.
  • You only need one key per box if you play in the group. The loot then gets all group members.

Now you only have to craft the Gadwall at the production station. Since blueprints scale with your agent’s character gear score, you should first craft the weapon at World Rank 4 (or later 5), otherwise, you may reassemble the components. Ensures that the manufacturing station has been upgraded to the world’s top rank.

The Perks of the Gadwall

This can be the Gadget: The submachine gun is based on the P90. It has a firing rate of 700 and a massive magazine of 60.

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The weapons talents:

  • Swelling Chatter: Each shot that hits an enemy grants + 1% Fire Rate up to a maximum of 60%. When reloading this bonus will be reset.
  • Duck Magazine: Kills with the weapon fill up 20% of the magazine and grant a boost for 10 seconds. While strengthening is active, each successful shot increases the magazine’s capacity by 1 to a maximum of 60. A kill consumes the strengthening and replenishes the extended magazine completely.
  • Chattermouth: As long as it is in the holster, reloading the weapon grants a 20% rate of fire for 10 seconds within 5 seconds of a kill.

The talents make sure you can pump your enemies with bullets extremely fast. This is how the Gadwall becomes a real beast that is feared in PvP.

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