Will Battlefield 5 Firestorm be Free2Play? That’s what the developer says


Will Battlefield 5 Firestorm Be Free2Play? That’s What The Developer Says

Despite heavy free competition in the Battle Royale genre, the Firestorm mode of Battlefield 5 does not come as a free-2 play – at least not right now. This was stated by a chief developer at a preview event. Players can start the download for Firestorm for free, but only if they own Battlefield 5.

So is the current situation around Battle Royale:

The genre is booming. Through numerous hits, Battle Royale became a worldwide sensation.

Games such as Fortnite or Apex Legends enjoy tremendous player numbers and good sales through the sale of a virtual currency for cosmetic items or the Battle Pass, thanks to their free-to-play model:

  • Apex Legends is said to have convinced 50 million players to download the game
  • Fortnite has even landed at 250 million registered players

What about Firestorm?

Battlefield 5 takes a different path with its in-house Battle Royale mode Firestorm. Like blackout on Black Ops 4, Firestorm is a stand-alone and free mode – but only within the basic game Battlefield 5. All owners of the game get Firestorm as a free update. A stand-alone version does not exist, at least not for launch. The Firestorm mode will be released on March 25 for the PS4, the Xbox One and the PC.

What about free-to-play plans?

Battlefield 5 has sold nearly 7.5 million copies so far. Binding Firestorm to the main game also limits the potential number of players – especially compared to free-2-play rivals like Apex legends or Fortnite. At a Firestorm Preview event, John Stanley, a senior designer at Criterion Games, interviewed by a representative of the VG24 / 7 Vendor for linking Firestorm with a full-price model.

He replied, “Right now, important for Firestorm to be released as part of Battlefield 5.”

He continued, “It’s obvious that there are many connections to Battlefield 5 when you play Firestorm. All the experience points you earn there are also included in Tides of War and in the chapter ranks – and much more. The same applies, for example, to weapons and vehicles you use in Firestorm.

For Firestorm, it is important to be part of the whole thing at the time and a chance for Battlefield players to experience something completely different in the Battlefield universe. We’re up to date. ”

However, when Stanley was asked about further future plans for the Firestorm mode, he blocked off. There is nothing to talk about at the moment.

But a clear denial looks different

Especially with the emphasis that “at the moment” The important for Firestorm to be part of the overall package Battlefield 5.

So Firestorm should only be playable in conjunction with Battlefield 5. But another model for the future quite conceivable given his statement.

The developers say this to the in-house Battle Royale competition: With Firestorm comes after Apex Legends already the second high-profile Battle Royale from the house of EA within a very short time.

Also to the competition from its own ranks Stanley interviewed by VG24 / 7. But what some experts regard with concern and confusion does not seem to be a big issue internally. Accordingly, the answer of Stanley relaxed:

“Apex Legends is great and a lot of people play with us. I play it myself. It’s a fantastic game, really well done. There is absolutely enough space for us and Apex to co-exist in the same ecosystem, but at the same time, we feel very different. ”

He then explicitly emphasized what differentiated both titles: “Respawn does more hero shooter stuff, we’re more into real combat. We have the typical Battlefield style, we have vehicles. ”

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