Anthem: Less Chargers, More Player Comfort – That’s Changing


Anthem: Less Chargers, More Player Comfort – That’s Changing

With the upcoming update Anthem receives some quality-of-life changes. Among other things, the forge and the vault are to be improved. It should give so less charging

Which changes are coming?

In the livestream on March 20, BioWare announced some changes and improvements to Anthem. These should already come with patch 1.04 into the game, which is planned for next week. An exact date for the update does not exist yet.

A summary of the last livestream can be found here in the Anthem Subreddit as well as VoD on Twitch .

What’s changed at the smithy?

With the upcoming update the smithy in Anthem should be turned over. Like the mission selection you should also be able to call the blacksmith with the patch from all over Fort Tarsis. Mission selection changed to patch 1.03 .

The blacksmith is said to have with the update no more loading screen. It does not matter if you call the smithy from the loading dock or from anywhere in Fort Tarsis.

Players had complained that Anthem was always hanging in the screen – a source for that is now eliminated.

In Forge, your created items will soon be displayed to each other. So you can see at a glance which gear you have created with which loadout.

These changes are just one step to gradually improve the smithy.

What are the QoL changes? The developers also mentioned performance improvements in the livestream that will come with the patch. However, this is an ongoing project that will never be completed.

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  • For the PC version of Anthem, various FOV sliders are added to adjust the field of view. Players also want something like this for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
  • The exploitation of items should happen almost immediately with the upcoming patch.
  • For this purpose, the javelin nozzles are improved by 20%. The time of overheating has been reduced by 20%. –
  • Players can fly longer and faster.

Fortress Changes and Quickplay: BioWare is planning some improvements to forts and missions.

  • So many invisible barriers were removed in Strongholds, the freelancers held by their teammates and sometimes even by their loot .
  • There are also improvements to the Quickplay missions: If missions have been running for over 15 minutes, the matchmaking will be blocked. So you should now come in fewer empty missions.
  • In addition, you can no longer be placed in strongholds that are ready to run for more than 2 minutes through
  • matchmaking. The constant starting at the monitor in the heart of anger should have an end to it . However,
  • the Quickplay is excluded from this change.

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