Brawlhalla – Hellboy Joins The Roster In April


Brawlhalla – Hellboy Joins The Roster In April

Although Ubisoft’s free-2-play title ‘Brawlhalla’ around for a while now. Time to freshen up the roster of familiar faces next April.

The publisher today announced a collaboration with Lionsgate and Millennium Media. To include the legendary Hellboy characters Nimue, Gruagach, Ben Daimio, and Hellboy in the list of Brawlhalla fighters. To celebrate the upcoming movie. The hellishly good superhero Hellboy is back and he’s already on fire to plunge into the next fight.

The new Hellboy movie also states:

“In Hellboy, the feature-length work based on Mike Mignola’s feature film. The legendary half-demon superhero is being called to England to fight a trio of angry giants. There he discovers the blood queen Nimue, a resurrected old sorceress. Who thirsts to avenge an earlier betrayal. Suddenly caught in a conflict between the supernatural and the human, Hellboy is now anxious to stop Nimue without triggering the end of the world. “

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