Brawlout – Update 2.0 With Guest Appearance From Dead Cells Available


Brawlout – Update 2.0 With Guest Appearance From Dead Cells Available

Developer Angry Mob Games has added a brand new update to their title, Brawlout ‘, which features an unexpected guest character – Beheaded from Dead Cells.

The Beheaded by Dead Cells comes with its own stage – Prisoner’s Quarters – as well as a new “Trials” mode for singleplay, new online modes and more. His biography also states:

“Some things never really die. Like Disco and Wheels in shoes, The Beheaded is one of those things. Unclear where he came from, The Beheaded keeps trying (and again) to cross an ever-changing island under the guise of “The Malaise,” a disease that demands countless lives and mutates the dead. Armed with a fresh body and armed to their non-existent teeth, they set off again to find the world quite different than they were used to. “

His skills also include:

  • Front Line Shield (Down Special) – Blocking consumes rage. If timed right, you can parry incoming attacks, stunning the enemy.
  • Wrenching Whip (Side Special) – Crack the end of the whip on an opponent, to send them flying your way.
  • Marksman’s Bow – “Slow, but devastating at long range.” Ammo: 3.
  • Spartan Sandals (Jab Special) – “This. Is. DEAD CELLS ! “
  • Teleport (Up Special) – Teleports you in any direction you’re holding.
  • Fire Brands (Air Down Special) – Ignites the ground and your enemies inflicting 5 damage / sec for two seconds.
  • Shovel (Side Attack) – “Any object is a deadly weapon if you apply enough velocity.”
  • The complete patch notes for the update 2.0 are available under this link .

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