Eve Online: Giant War Destroys 88,000 Ships – And Aims To Change The Future Of The Game


Eve Online: Giant War Destroys 88,000 Ships – And Aims To Change The Future Of The Game

EVE Online holds the world record for “most players competing simultaneously in a single multiplayer video game battle,” with 6,142 brave space pilots going to war in January 2018. This week, Eve Online able to set a new milestone with more than 10,000 spacecraft fighting simultaneously in the war – and over 88,000 wrecks left over.

What are those only for times?

Very exciting times, at least for MMO players and those of you who like to rush into rare-crazy stories of almost impossible games. Eve Online has always been eager to break record size, despite being one of the oldest MMORPGs that still exist. Older even, as World of Warcraft.

No wonder then that again and again has to be screwed to the science fiction MMO; on the graphics, on the tutorials for beginners and finally on the performance of the game:

” A total 6000-person-with-fleet war is reaching the limits of what’s possible. Point. And it’s definitely pushing the limits of the technology we’ve developed. (Our team did a wonderful job trying to maintain and modernize Eve Online, but 6000 Eve players just overtake us. ”

That’s what developer CCP Games told Polygon , while a nearly impossible event was planned: a death match in which 10,000 players fight simultaneously , in response to the 6000-player war that paralyzed almost all Eve Online early last year. Why all that? The 16-year-old Eve Online is gigantic and powerful, but those mass wars will not survive Eve Online as it works today .

The impossible war: Aether Wars

That’s why Eve online developer CCP Games is testing the new Aether engine. Which will hopefully handle such a massive event as a 10,000-player war. Over the next few days and weeks, several test runs will take place, under the acrid name ” EVE: Aether Wars .” The first round already took place this week at the Game Developer Conference. Which included the launch of Google’s Stadia streaming platform .

I say ” the first round ” as if it were just a simple tech demo. But no: in the first Aether war, a total of 3,852 players competed against each other. Leaving almost 90,000 wrecks during the war. That’s big. That is completely crazy. And as these ever – widening wars illuminate the Eve online galaxy with their explosions. Eve Online will, so to speak, break new ground. With Aether, Eve Online is set to blossom in new size dimensions – battles such as the bloodbath around B-R5RB will soon no longer hold the bar high.

The first round of the Aether Wars gathers nearly 4000 players, the next one will get bigger. Whether Eve Online will ever reach its impossible war with 10,000 concurrent players? ” It’s probably going to crash and burn in an epic way. Maybe we’ll punch a hole in the ground when the servers go up. But that’s the point, because to make the impossible possible, we have to fail a few times, “explains CCPs P√©tursson in an interview.

We actually live in strange times. As part of games like Dual Universe, which aims to unite 1 million players in a single universe, we’re facing a new generation of MMORPGs, and yes, I’m looking forward to experiencing that.

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