Everybody Should Do These 7 Cool Things In Anthem


Everybody Should Do These 7 Cool Things In Anthem

Anthem has a few activities that just make you happy. Here are 7 things that every player should have done.

Outside of the story campaign and the harsh endgame grind, Anthem has plenty of cool activities to offer. The following 7 players should not miss.

Color his Javelin creatively

Why is that cool? Anthem offers quite a few ways to make Javelin creative. The wearing state and the material of the suits can be determined. Players can even create colors themselves using a color palette.

Everyone can make their combat suit completely to their own taste. It does not matter if you like your Javelin in a silly, motley clown look or in a serious and steady tone. Everything is possible.

Here is some inspiration directly from the Anthem community:

  • The Ninja Turtles are also on the road in Anthem

Here are Javelin who look like fresh from Toy StoryFlying around in a free game without a goal

Why is that cool? There are three reasons for this:

  • Anthem has a breathtaking game world
  • Flying just feels fantastic

There are random world events in Anthem, where players can dust off loot. If you combine these things together, you will be rewarded with a great view and at the same time be able to farm loot. This can be about new weapons or equipment for the Javelin.

The free game is also perfect for simply experimenting with the Javelin’s flying ability. Developer BioWare has also built Anthem on it – everyone should feel like a superhero in Javelin.

Since flying is so central in Anthem, the whole gameplay is oriented to the vertical. Players can whiz down a waterfall with their Javelin, maneuver their way through narrow aisles or simply attack the opponents from Anthem from the air and create a surprise moment.

Talk to the residents of Fort Tarsis

Why is that cool? The story of Anthem is mainly told through the campaign. The inhabitants of Fort Tarsis tell their own stories that are worth listening to. So there is an eccentric caretaker who teaches the residents of Fort Tarsis why cables should not just fly around in the hallways.

The inhabitants of Fort Tarsis are drawn by the dangers outside the city walls and have suffered some heavy losses. Anyone who talks to them will learn a thing or two about the history of Anthem.

It is also worth talking to the residents about the progress in the game. There are call points for the dialogues and many residents also have exciting side missions for which there are stories and extra rewards.

Try all Javelins

Why is that cool? Players go on missions with Javelins. With the combat suits, the actual gameplay of Anthem happens. There are currently four suits:

  • Ranger – the all-rounder and soldier
  • Storm – the floating elemental magician
  • Colossus – the running artillery, which can also refuel
  • Interceptor – the fast assassin with the blades

The cool thing about the four Javelins is that they all play completely different. Freelancers should give each suit a chance. It could happen that they suddenly discover a new favorite because a certain suit suddenly feels “right”.

Immediately after the tutorial, each player can choose one of the four Javelin. After that, they will be unlocked at level 8, 16 and 26. Here players can freely decide in which order they want the suits.

Read the spam mail

What should be cool about spam mail now ?! Actually, spam mail is a pretty annoying thing. But sometimes she can be funny too. This is also true of Anthem’s spam mail – yes, quite right, there is spam mail in Anthem.

The spam mail always comes in between and can have a variety of topics. They also reveal a bit more about the people and the universe of Anthem.

One of the reports on the big Klauninchen debate. Klauninchen is in Anthem beings that are harmless in themselves but look a bit strange. The report “Pet or Pest” describes how some residents think of animals as pets and how others see them as nasty rats.

Take a closer look at the combo system

Why is that cool? Combos are the centerpiece of Anthem’s combat system. Every Javelin has unique abilities. The combos allow the player to combine the attacks and skills of the combat suits. This triggers a special effect and increases the damage. This combo system ensures tactical team play, as the combos can also be fired by the interaction of several players.

Each Javelin comes with its own combo effect, creating a variety of gameplay between the suits. With the interaction of the weapons in Anthem and flying, this results in a pretty exciting and co-op based combat experience. Players who want to become a master freelancer should take a closer look at the combo system:

Listen to the soundtrack of Anthem

Why is that cool? The soundtrack by Anthem captures the atmosphere of the entire game. There are friendly and lively numbers that sound as you cross the bazaar of Fort Tarsis. The next moment a melody sounds, which equals a battle cry. The sounds are exotic and slightly oriental.

If you go for a free game in the Open World, you should hit the soundtrack. These two experiences complement each other very well.

The soundtrack was composed by Sarah Schachner, who also worked as a composer on Assassin’s Creed Origins or Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

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