Fallout 76 – Survival Mode Will Start Shortly As BETA


Fallout 76 – Survival Mode Will Start Shortly As BETA

The longed-for survival mode of ‘Fallout 76’ will start next week as BETA, as publisher Bethesda announces today. This will reduce the limitations of PvP and you’ll be more likely to take risks as you meet other survivors. It also introduces leaderboards for survivors and new weekly challenges.

Bethesda writes:

“Survival Mode is our new competitive game mode with some PvP rule changes, new death and spa mechanics, and even a 20% XP bonus. Your progress with existing characters is transferred between adventure and survival. So, what affects your character in one mode also applies in the other mode. “

Of course, in addition to starting as a BETA, Bethesda also plans to make steady adjustments based on your feedback to further improve the survival mode in the future so that it remains as fair and fun as possible. Feedback on things like weapon balancing, death mechanics, and many other aspects is welcome as soon as you try the survival mode.

Bethesda has also compiled a comprehensive survivor guide and helpful tips on the official website.

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