FIFA 19: Update 1.12 Is Live Now – EA Sports Is Making A Career


FIFA 19: Update 1.12 Is Live Now – EA Sports Is Making A Career

In FIFA 19 the update 1.12 for PS4 and Xbox One is now available. Here are the patch notes in German. There are changes to the career.

Update 1.12 is now live for everyone:

After the latest title update for FIFA 19 was released for the PC a few days ago, it can also be downloaded to PS4 and Xbox One today, March 21st. The update has version number 1.12. So big is the update: you have to download around 1.3 GB before you can play FIFA 19 online again.

If you want to get started right on time with FIFA 19, it’s worth starting the console directly to download and install the required data in good time. Update: Tomorrow starts FUT-Birthday! EA has now published a lot of information – there are gifts. Patch notes for the update 1.12 in German.

Most updates of the 1.12 update revolve around the career mode.

That changes in the career:

  • Clubs no longer offer players a transfer offer or loan offer if the player has no chance of accepting a move to that club. This is to prevent you from constantly receiving numerous offers from clubs to which the player would not accept a bill of exchange
  • The transfer and loan system will be updated so that players’ decision-making (accepting or rejecting offers) will take into account even more player and club nationalities
  • In addition, the update of the transfer and lending system should ensure that the comparison of the current player role in the old club and the potential player role in the new club is taken into account
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This issue is resolved in Career:

  • Players offered to borrow did not take into account the fact that they were lending in their decision-making. On the other hand, players offered for transfer considered that it a transfer.

What do these career changes bring?

Players should now be a little smarter when it comes to transfers and lending. In addition, for example, clubs like Holstein Kiel send no more inquiries to a Cristiano Ronaldo. Which should make the career mode a bit more realistic.

Change in FUT 19:

  • If a training object used before a game that increased a value above 99, a value greater than 99  as displayed on the object after a goal hit. Graphics problem and no effect on the gameplay. Get fixed anyway.

Changes to the presentation:

  • The 2D portraits of Alphonso Davies, Samir Nasri, and John Obi Mikel have been updated

General fix:

  • In the “Team Edit” screen, debug text displayed in the league filter for the detailed club transfer search in some leagues

Changes to the impulse:

  • Sometimes, after changing the difficulty level of a game, the error message “Initiation Data Unavailable”  sometimes displayed. That too fixed.

Stay Tuned For More Updates