Guide To The Foolfest 2019 In ESO – How To Get The Rewards


Guide To The Foolfest 2019 In ESO – How To Get The Rewards

In ESO the madness rages again. Because currently there is a particularly funny event: The Feast of Fools. How you participate in it and what you can win, you will learn here.

What is there to do and what can I get for it? During the event, you can complete three fun quests every day, which you get from the fools in front of the marquees in the respective regions.

As a reward for each quest, there is a gift of useful consumables and some items for your collection, along with a little gold.

Jokes and Indriks

What else is there? For the conclusion of the first fool quest of the day, there are two event tickets, to which all of you who already have an Indrik or want to have one more should be particularly keen. You can buy feathers and berries for your beloved unicorn mount from the dealer Impresaria.

Most of the Impresaria you will find near each marquee and it will also appear on your map. If you do a quest daily, you have to collect a total of 24 event tickets.

Also this year you can buy a cute little Indrik as the pet at Impresaria with only 10 event tickets.

Place and quests

Do I have to pay admission and where should I go? The festival of fools is free. Travel to one of the Tents of Ebonheart, Volcanic Watch or Daggerfall and start the introductory quest. As a reward, there’s something very special in the end: a cake.

Of course, it’s a really cool cake: the fool pate. If you nibble on it, it will give you 100% more experience for two hours. Did you do the quest last year, you do not have to repeat it. In that case, you can start your day quests right away.

From when to when does it take place? The festival of fools began on March 21st and ends on April 2nd at 4pm Central European Time. It takes a whole week longer than last year.

Are there new achievements?

Sure, of course! If you are particularly diligent in practicing jokes, you can unlock the following achievements:

  • War of the Three Fillings: For this, you must throw 10 Pieces on players from other alliances.
  • The Upper Crust: Seek out every Alliance Leader and throw him a cake.
  • Too Mouthful: Show it to the state! Kill 10 guards with a cake.
  • Served Sovereign: Complete the three achievements “War of the Three Fillings”, “The Upper Crust” and “Served Sovereign”.
  • Dirty thing: Travel to Cyrodiil and defeat 10 players while they are covered in a cake.

Of course, if you can do that, there are special rewards as well. For the conclusion of “dirty thing” and “the upper crust” the titles “meringue” and “Zinnsoldat” wave. If you “serve sovereign”, there is a “disturbingly silent face painting” for your collection

What’s in the Kronen Shop? Except for the Narrenkappenaffen wiedermal only knick-knacks: The fool-personality, a selection of funny Steckenreittieren and Cadwells Küchenmontur.

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