HITMAN 2 – Preview Of The ‘Hantu Port’ Sniper Assassin Map


HITMAN 2 – Preview Of The ‘Hantu Port’ Sniper Assassin Map

Next week, IO Interactive releases the new Sniper Assassin card ‘Hantu Port’ in ‘HITMAN 2’. Which has a video preview today?

Agent 47 will arrive with a new rifle in a new location and has three targets and their bodyguard in the sights. This new Sniper Assassin Map takes players to a container yard on the island of Singapore. Where Han Ldong and his wife were abducted by a group of highly-skilled criminals known as the Heavenly Guard. For the successful launch again waving new upgrades that you can unlock for your rifles.

Overall, the update includes:

  • New Sniper Assassin Map
  • Targets
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Discoveries
  • Coop

The card, which released on March 26th, sold separately or available as part of Expansion Pack 1 or the Expansion Pass, which included free of charge here.

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