How Many People Play Fortnite? New Numbers Known For 2019


How Many People Play Fortnite? New Numbers Known For 2019

How many people will play the online shooter Fortnite in 2019? Developer Epic announced new player numbers for Fortnite at GDC. So the shooter has grown again in recent weeks.

Fortnite has so many registered players in total: According to Epic’s statements. There are currently about 250 million registered players.

This is significantly more than in December 2018. There were “only” 200 million registrations.

Besides these numbers, Epic also gave some insights into other numbers. We summarize for you what you know about the numbers of players.

That’s how Fortnite’s numbers look like

These numbers are well-known: in total, Epic announced three different numbers in March 2019. Also includes:

  • 250 million registered users
  • 78.3 million monthly players
  • at times 10.8 million concurrent players

This is known about the simultaneous players

10.8 million concurrent players again a record for Fortnite. It was not until February that a new record was set. When 10.7 million people watched the Marshmello concert live in Fortnite.

Now there is another record. When exactly this record but set up, you do not know.


About 35% of Fortnite players are women

Is there competition? The numbers of players are overwhelming. Some time ago Sandbox-Game Minecraft announced that they probably have 91 million monthly players. These numbers are already a bit older.

As a shooter Fortnite but should be alone at the top. It is also surprising that a large part of the players is female.

A peculiarity: While usually, shooters played mostly by male audiences. There estimates that Fortnite about 35%, female players.

The figure comes from Epic boss Tim Sweeney opposite the page Engadget. He says it’s because Fortnite brings players together in a social experience.

People Are Crazy For The Game

That’s what makes the game so popular: the Battle Royale shooter connects multiple groups of players. So you find on the server, on the one hand, the classic shooter fans, but on the other hand. A rather young audience, because the game already released from 12 years. Other shooters released only from 16 or 18 years.

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