Hundreds Of Thousands Of Videos Are Watching An 18-Year-Old MMORPG


Hundreds Of Thousands Of Videos Are Watching An 18-Year-Old MMORPG

The old MMORPG RuneScape still enthralls a huge number of players. One of these players has set itself the goal to make OldSchool RuneScape even more difficult: With Challenges. His idea attracts hundreds of thousands of fans.

These videos are all about:

The YouTuber Settled has been diligently shooting videos for the old school MMORPG RuneScape, which has been on the market for 18 years now.

Despite age, RuneScape is still popular and gets creative minds to create new content. Settled shares many of his thoughts, guides or discoveries with the community.

The core of his videos is almost always something he has achieved or planned to do. He mainly does things that are not special to regular players. But he links them with exciting stories.

For several months he shows “Ultimate Ironman Challenges”.

Especially his series about a character named “Swampletics” has done it to the fans.

The videos receive hundreds of thousands of clicks, sometimes only after a few hours. RuneScape is still being actively played , but even for this ratio, that’s huge viewer numbers. By comparison, the OldSchool RuneScape subreddit has just over 300,000 members.

What are these challenges? Settled denies the challenges in the so-called Ironman fashion. Ironmen are accounts that have many limitations in RuneScape to make the game more difficult. As “Ultimate Ironman”, a special Ironman mode, these limitations are even greater:

  • it is not possible to trade with other players
  • no access to the bank, so limited inventory
  • PvP features and many minigames are disabled
  • the character does not keep any items at death
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Settled has made these already difficult conditions even tougher. He does not want to leave a certain region. As a result, he is dependent on using all the features of a zone.

For Settled, the purpose of RuneScape has always been to set goals and achieve them. So he has already made such a challenge before and took several years to do so. Now he starts again with “Swampletics” in the zone Morytania.

What is Morytania? Morytania is a wetland far to the east of the world of RuneScape. In Morytania, vampires rule over the area from a kind of castle and the whole area is reminiscent of a horror movie.

The region is populated by monsters like:

  • vampires
  • werewolves
  • undead
  • wander like a ghost

In history, it is considered the “Land of Evil.” In the game, it is an area for players of intermediate to higher levels. In Morytania is also the raid “Theater of Blood”, which is generally regarded by many players as very difficult. He always attracts adventurers looking for special challenges.

That’s why it’s so special: Settled has decided to boost all skills only in Moritanya. But that is sometimes very difficult, because certain conditions simply do not exist.

Abilities such as blacksmithing can not be increased in the traditional way. Settled must therefore resort to tricks to equip his character maximum. This requires a lot of time, because the alternative methods are associated with an enormous amount of grind.

Settled discovered but also repeatedly stories or features in Moritanya that other players do not notice or ignore. He shares his findings in special videos about it with the fans.

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Settled always has the disadvantage that it is almost always too weak to defeat the opponents in the area, as he came to Morytania with as few advantages as possible. That leads to much trickery in the fight.

His ultimate goal is to perform the “Theater of Blood”.

His condition for this is that the group should not be better equipped than he is. A hard-to-reach target.

Here are the videos: Although or perhaps because Settled is having a hard time with many things that should be easy, his videos are so popular. Other RuneScape players are intrigued by how he overcomes the hurdles or finds alternative ways to play.

Many viewers can not even explain why they so fascinated. They just like to watch Settled slowly leveling his “swampletics” and getting a little closer to his goal with each video.

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