Just Before Firestorm Release, Battlefield 5 Shows What Fans Can Look Forward To


Just Before Firestorm Release, Battlefield 5 Shows What Fans Can Look Forward To

Battlefield 5 has released a new gameplay trailer for the Battle Royale mode Firestorm. In it, you can see more insights into the mode and cool features.

What is Firestorm? This is the Battle Royale mode of Battlefield 5. The mode will be released on March 25 and will bring the game for the first time the popular game mode.

Now a new trailer has been released showing the gameplay of Firestorm. Gain insights into the loot system, the vehicles, and the deadly ring of fire

Watch the Firestorm trailer here

This can be seen in the trailer: In the trailer, you can see almost everything, what has to offer previous Battle Royale shooter. It gives a panoramic view of all items and vehicles.

One can look forward to it: There are details about Firestorm. The following things are included:

  • 17 different vehicles
  • Lootdrops, which bring even tanks
  • Safes and chests offering rare loot
  • 3 weapon types that have different rarities
  • Garages that contain special vehicles
  • A huge game world reduced by a ring of fire

This is known so far about Firestorm: Already in advance, some details about Firestorm have become known. Not only the release in the next week pleased the players, but the huge game world excited.

So the map should be the biggest game world in the history of Battlefield. It’s called Halvøy and is said to be 10 times the size of Hamada, the biggest map yet in Battlefield 5.

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In addition, other videos have seen epic battles with vehicles and helicopters. You will also be able to fight from vehicles.

This is still waiting for you: this week, a lot of Battlefield 5 is waiting for you. So a detailed roadmap of Dice is published. There are also many questions to be answered by you.

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