Mass Beating In Berlin Because Of YouTube – Police Boss: It Was About Clicks And Subscriptions


Mass Beating In Berlin Because Of YouTube – Police Boss: It Was About Clicks And Subscriptions

Two creators called via social channels to a meeting of their fans in Berlin. That escalated into a mass brawl. The police are now reproaching the two influencers and urging a conscientious approach to influence. It can not be that the bunch to generate more clicks and subscriptions.

How did the mass brawl come about?

The two creators Bahar al amood (14,000 subscribers on Youtube) and ThatsBekir (260,000 subscribers) seem to have been having an argument or “beef” for some time now. Both regularly provide their community with videos.

In one of their last videos on Youtube and social channels like Instagram, they called for a fan meeting in Berlin on Alexanderplatz:

  • The meeting was scheduled for March 21st at 5pm
  • altogether more than 400 fans appeared at the meeting
  • however, initial discussions between the two parties soon became a scuffle
  • Over 50 people took part in the mass brawl

According to Berliner Morgenpost , the fans included pepper spray,

Which they even used against incoming policemen. The brawl from Alexanderplatz later moved to the subway station. There are about 20 people in the track bed beaten and have thrown stones.

How did the brawl go?

The police have published a review of the brawl:

  • 9 people were temporarily detained and there were 13 criminal investigations
  • 100 police officers used
  • three ambulances and an ambulance in action
  • It was not until 9:30 pm that police could stop the operation. An alleged manager of ThatsBekir wrote shortly
  • after the brawl that one should not hold the creators responsible. (via morning mail )
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That was the reason for the meeting: Both YouTube creators, who probably belong to the rapper scene , have gathered their fans for a fan or subscriber meeting in Berlin. The police chief Norbert Cioma, however, sees another reason.

According to Cioma, the meeting and the escalation targeted to generate clicks, subscribers, and followers for both parties:

We see in the rappers scene and increasingly also with other influencers, that they sometimes very negligently with their influence and it seems to be fashion, very deliberately open powder kegs to generate more followers, subscribers and clicks.

Good morning capital,
on the Alexanderplatz there yesterday again the meeting of too much testosterone, which more or less so wanted – Our chief Norbert Cioma appeals to those responsible

– GdP Berlin (@GdP capital) March 22, 2019

Cioma reminds that the influence of the people not used for such a thing. There would be “more sense than to use its name recognition, to offer young people ready for violence a suitable platform in public”.

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