New Event Boxes In Pokémon GO – Is It Worth The Purchase?


New Event Boxes In Pokémon GO – Is It Worth The Purchase?

In Pokémon GO there are new offer boxes in the shop for the plant event. We’ll show you what’s available and whether it’s worth buying the boxes.

These boxes are there: Together with the plant event also came new offer boxes in the shop. There are again all sorts of useful items that you can use for effective playing.

This is in the offer boxes

How to calculate: So that we can calculate whether the offer is worthwhile, the unit price of the item is determined from a bundle of eight. This price is then compared with the box price, so we come to a result.

Name of the box                                                         content                                                                                    Price/savings
special box               20x Hyperballs, 2x Raidpass, 2x breeding machine, 1x lucky egg                               480/83 (14.7%)
Superbox                 10x Sananabeere, 3x Raidpass, 4x Super-breeding machine, 6x star piece              780/620 (44.2%)
Hyperbox             16x Raidpass, 3x Super-breeding machine, 4x Glücksei, 3x Lockmodul                   1480/1225 (45.2%)
Abenteuerbox        12x super hatchery, 2x hatchery, 4x lucky egg, 3x lure module                                 1480/1875 (55.9%)

This is new: It seems that Niantic has introduced a new box with the adventure box, which places competition with the hyperbox. So the Hyperbox is intended primarily for Raider, while you can incubate more eggs with the adventure box. So you have two different box styles.

Are the boxes worthwhile?

Special box : The box costs the least coins, but it also saves the least. The hyperballs could be interesting for the coming Community Day and the other items are a little basic. If you have few coins, you will not go wrong with the purchase, but you will not miss anything if you do not buy them.

Superbox: There is a surprisingly big savings here. Above all, the 6 star pieces are worthwhile, if you complete the current plant quests , because there is a lot of stardust.

Hyperbox: This box is intended especially for people who like to raiden. With 16 passes you get a good basic equipment and can defeat some Dialga . All other items are rather lacking. So if you do not raid so much, you should not buy the box.

Adventure Box: This offer is especially interesting for the Community Day. There you brood eggs four times as fast. It is worth having a stock of breeding machines and these are given in the adventure box. You will not get any raid passes here.

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