Overwatch: Now with 40% Less AR holes


Overwatch: Now with 40% Less AR holes

Toxicity is on the one hand not so easy to pronounce, on the other hand a big problem in multiplayer games. Overwatch seems to have found a way to deal with this plague.

Who does not know them, toxic players,

Trolls or people who obviously only play to behave like the last idiots to others? They offend, scream or purposely sabotage the game. In addition to the ability to report such players, Blizzard uses Overwatch on another system to improve the behavior of the players. This is a recognition system.

This system wants to encourage players to earn the recognition of other players through particularly good behavior in the game. After a match, a player can split three recognitions into 3 categories to show other players how they positively contributed to the match . The recognition level is always visible to all other players, next to the player name.

Of course, the levels are rewarded with what Overwatch players want the most,

so they play next to Genji: they are lootboxes . It seems like a great incentive for players to do better in order to get the Lootboxes. In order for the players to endure good behavior , it is necessary for players to gain recognition, otherwise their level of recognition will decline over time.

At GDC 2019, Natasha Miller from Blizzard’s research department reported that they have had great success since the system was introduced. The incidence of negative behavior has dropped by 40%. For Miller, this is not just about rewarding with loot boxes, but also about the new social component. In games, there are few social consequences, making it easy for players to behave badly. The visible recognition level creates a social pressure, which, like in real life, leads to positive behavior.

In addition, Blizzard has begun to send warnings about possible consequences, such as sabotaging matches, to give players the chance to change their behavior. For the future, Blizzard is planning other systems to channel player behavior in a positive direction. At the current speed with which Blizzard brings new features into the game, but this may take some time.

The recognition system is effective on the players of Overwatch. Do you think of any other games that have created similar systems for a better game climate? Which game do you think could handle more?

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