Players Of Apex Legends Call For Mozambique Skin, Have Noble Reasons


Players Of Apex Legends Call For Mozambique Skin, Have Noble Reasons

In Apex Legends there is a terrible weapon called Mozambique (Mozambique). It’s named after a country in Africa that is currently hit by disasters. Therefore, players came up with creative ideas to help Mozambique.

What happened in Mozambique? Mozambique is located in eastern Africa and its inhabitants are suffering from the effects of a catastrophe. On March 14, the city of Beira and the surrounding area was hit by the cyclone Idai.

A cyclone is a hurricane in the tropics. In Mozambique wind speeds of over 177 km / h were measured and there were already over 200 dead.

Terrible weapon becomes a symbol for charity

What does Mozambique have to do with Apex Legends? In Apex there is a weapon called Mozambique (Mozambique). It is a shotgun that has earned a reputation in the game.

The weapon is so bad that it is hardly possible to achieve kills with it. Players often leave them lying around and prefer to attack the opponent with their bare fists.

Mozambique is so bad that it has many memes and jokes to answer for. Even the developers bluntly admit that the weapon is scrap and you probably do not want to change that either.

So players want to help the country Mozambique: But just because of their worthlessness, the Mozambique knew and notorious.

Therefore, a user on Reddit had the idea to use the weapon for a charity campaign to help the people in the country Mozambique.

The thread now has over 22,000 upvotes and over 700 comments. This led to several more or less good ideas:

  • Respawn is to bring out a weaponkin in the national colors green, black, yellow and red for the Mozambique.
  • The proceeds will then go to aid organizations for Mozambique.
  • Every kill made with a Mozambique should be worth 25 cents as a donation.
  • You can also set up a feature to donate the difference of 50 apex coins (50 cents) between the 1,000 coin
  • package and the cost of the 950 coin battle pass.
  • Of course, you could just donate that way without buying a skin or killing it.
  • Incidentally, the idea with the kills not taken seriously. The expected proceeds are probably too bad.
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The developers at Respawn have not commented yet. But as much as the action has so far made, it is easy to imagine that we see in the coming days a special Mozambique skin in Apex Legends.