Pokémon GO: With This Fighting Team You Make Every Arena Flat


 Pokémon GO: With This Fighting Team You Make Every Arena Flat

In Pokémon GO it can be annoying to pick a new team every time you fight arena. But we show you a team with which you can defeat almost any arena without any problems.

This is the Combat team: There are 6 Pokémon in the Combat Team that will best support you in the classic Arena Defenders.

If you already have this combat team ready, you can take each arena in record time.

These 6 Pokémon should be in the combat team

So you should start: Of course, you should already create this combat team before. For this you go to your Pokémon box and swipe to the left. There you can then put together combat teams

Incidentally, you should have this ready for any legendary raid boss .

This is how the team should look like: We’ll show you the recommended team here and then explain why these Pokémon belong to the team:

  • 1 Machamp
  • 2 Machamp
  • 3 Machamp
  • Tyranitar
  • Weavile
  • rayquaza

Place 1-3: Machomei

That’s why Machomei is needed: the best arena defenders , such as Heiteira, Relaxo or Chaneira, are all of type Normal. In contrast, only combat Pokémon are effective

You need 3 machomei, because most arenas are filled with several normal Pokémon. You can easily defeat them with your machomei.

That’s why Machomei: The Pokémon is the best type combat monster. Other combat Pokémon like Hariyama or Kapilz are good too, but Machomei defeats the Heiteira and Relaxo fastest. It also keeps some damage.

4th place: Despotar

Therefore you need Despotar: It is important that your Despotar have the attacks Catapult and Stone Rim. The rock Pokémon is needed for defenders like Garados or Dragoran, as these are popular defenders. With Despotar, you can hit this Pokémon effectively.

That’s why Despotar: Despotar has a very good rock movement set and a lot of endurance. You can also have Despotar attack several Pokémon without defeating it.

5th place: Snibunna

That’s why you need Snibunna: Snibunna, at best, misses a second charge attack. So it dominates then both light attacks, as well as ice attacks. Unlight attacks are more important because it should defeat especially the psycho-defenders.

Psiana, Kokowei or even the Steel Pokémon Metagross can be defeated that way. The ice attack could, like Despotar, be used against the dragon defenders.

Therefore just Snibunna: Snibunna has the special type combination ice and low light and is therefore versatile. In addition, it has a huge attack value and thus kills almost everything.

6th place: Rayquaza

That’s why you need Rayquaza: The above Pokémon can defeat the classic Arena defenders. Rayquaza, on the other hand, wipes away the rest. If none of the upper Pokémon is effective, then resort to Rayquaza. It is the best allrounder in the game.

Rayquaza of all people: Rayquaza has a tremendous attack value and two strong kite attacks. These attacks are at least normally effective against all types except Steel and Fairy.