Sea Of ​​Thieves: Huge Update Is Coming, Players Are Looking Forward To Trivia


Sea Of ​​Thieves: Huge Update Is Coming, Players Are Looking Forward To Trivia

In April, the big “Anniversary Update” for the pirate online game Sea of ​​Thieves appears. Among other things, the Arena PvP mode finds its way into the game. But players are especially looking for a little something: fishing.

What does the big update offer? Rare wants to introduce some updates to Sea of ​​Thieves with the update.

  • Arena PvP mode lets you compete with other pirates as you search for treasure.
  • New story-driven adventures find their way into the game.
  • The quest system is being redesigned.
  • You can buy pets.
  • You will be able to fish and fry your own caught fish.
  • The damage system of your ship is being revised.

An extensive update

What is special about the update? While it’s cool to drop the fishing rod from your own ship and then prepare and eat the caught fish, Arena Mode and the new story missions are the actual highlights of the update.

The Arena mode should make it even more exciting to compete against other pirate crews. Not only do you have to be quick to retrieve the treasures, but you also have to equip yourself well, because your enemies could ambush you everywhere.

As for the story-driven missions, the developers are taking care of the community’s desire. This just wants to experience more exciting stories. During the missions, which incidentally are only the beginning of the “Sea of ​​Thieves” legends, you will explore well-known places where you will learn more and meet familiar faces. So Sea of ​​Thieves’ gaming experience will be more interesting to those who enjoy storytelling in games.

Thus, the fighting is more exciting:

In the naval battles, it is possible with the update, specifically damaging masts or the anchor and the rudder of a ship.

In addition, a harpoon comes into play, with which you can, for example, steal treasures from the deck of a ship, should you be able to aim well. Furthermore, new enemies are added, which make the fights more varied.

Fans like fishing

How do the fans react? On Reddit, the players are looking forward to the big update. The mood is very positive.

Nivekeryas says: “We get as story missions, the arena, fishing, cooking, harpooning, fattening destruction, new cosmetic items … Clean!”

The fans are particularly looking forward to fishing, which seems to hit a nerve in the community:

  • cyoder4400 writes: Please, let me catch a mega on a sloop! Please, Rare! “
  • auto911 explains, “Everyone just talks about fishing, but did you also see that you can cook as well?”

When does the update appear? Rare will release the “Anniversary Update” for Sea of ​​Thieves on April 30th.

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