Server Consolidation In MMORPG Aion Leads To Real Estate Crisis


Server Consolidation In MMORPG Aion Leads To Real Estate Crisis

On March 27, will be merged into the European version of Aion Server. Through this merger, inter alia, overlaps in Housing. This in turn ensures a real estate discussion in the forum.

Which servers are merged? From the previous nine servers in the future only four will be. There will still be a server specific for German players and one for French players.

The merges are as follows:

  • Deyla (EN / IT) + Nergal (EN / INTL) → Server 1 (EN)
  • Antriksha (EN / TR) + Barus (PL) + Hellion (EN / ES) → Server 2 (EN)
  • Thor (DE) + Loki (DE) → Server 3 (DE)
  • Hyperion (FR) + Urtem (FR) → Server 4 (FR)

What are the problems with the merge?

When merging it comes to several conflicts:

If two characters have the same name, they pay attention to which character has the higher level. At the same level, the activity of the last time decides. If both were active, the older character retains its name.

For the factions the player has to decide on his own which character to stay on the server and which one should be transferred to another server.

So while the developers have found good solutions for factions and character names, the official forum will discuss what should happen to housing.

The players discuss real estate prices

The solution for the Housing provides that simply all houses are demolished. The players receive as compensation the double standard price for their property. But some players are not satisfied with that.

Real estate prices fluctuated over time : as in real life, over the course of time currency fluctuations in Aion have occurred.

Before patch 6.0. The currency Kinah was of very little value. Villas have sometimes cost several billion Kinah. After the update, however, there was an adjustment to the currency. She has stabilized again.

With the new transfer, players now get a very different value of the currency than they originally paid. This is especially exciting for the owners, who bought their villas long before the patches 5.x.

At that time Kinah was again much more valuable and land prices still high. Already with another server binding, it came thereby apparently to Exploits.

Players demand conversion: The German forum discussed a lot about this topic. Some players have demanded to see when the land was acquired and then the value is converted.

The user Shiemy writes:

  • My idea would be to give people back their KINAH AMOUNT.
  • However, with the new 6.2 Kinah value.

Say who someone has paid 1kkk is how the patch converted how much NEW KINAH that would be.
everyone gets what they want, no doubling stuff / no exploit crap.

Problem solved

A real conversion would be difficult to implement and would probably cost a lot of developer time. The patch FAQ refers only to the current property values.

Moving gifts and acclimatization phase

In order for the transition to the new server runs smoothly, the developers have announced a familiarization phase. L

Limited Server Transfer: Server transfers are prohibited during the first three weeks. Then the numbers are evaluated and limits are set.

These limits then determine how many transfers actually happen. If one of the new servers is overcrowded, it will be shut down immediately.

Resetting the PvP leaderboards: Server merging also has an impact on PvP. Accordingly, the rankings will be reset on March 27th.

Moving presents: As a small incentive to return to Aion after the merge, all players receive the following free content per account:

  • 1x [Engraving] Special Transfiguration Agreement
  • “x Legendary bundle with enchantment stones
  • 1x chest: Lion – enemy defense (30 days)
  • “x sunbather hair accessories (30 days)
  • 1x sun worshiper (30 days)
  • “x sunbather tip (30 days)