Shroud Explains What Design Idea Bothers The Fun In Apex Legends


Shroud Explains What Design Idea Bothers The Fun In Apex Legends

Apex Legends has a big problem, according to pro Shroud. The game was boring in mid-game. This has a fundamental reason hidden in the design.

Why is Apex boring, according to Shroud? Shroud is one of the best and most influential players in Apex Legends. And he just complains about boredom. Because the ” human Aimbot ” gets currently far too few opponents before the shotgun.

The reason: Too many of the 60 players in each game go over the Jordan in the first few minutes of the round.

Hot zones are the problem

These are the causes of the loss of players: Since many players are greedy Loot raccoons , they jump in large numbers to the supply ship or in the specially marked hot zone .

Because in these places can be found especially numerous and high quality loot. There it comes then to an enormous carnage in narrowest space.

Those who land first and find the big bucks usually scratch away the rest of the players in the area. Few survivors emerge victorious from the slaughter in the Hot Zone.

This ensures that there is not much going on for the rest of the game until you inevitably see yourself again in the endgame as the death zone brings the last players back together in tight spaces.

Until then, the mid-game, which was never very exciting anyway due to the rather large map and the small number of players of 60, is even more lame.

Should hot zones be gone?

This tells Shroud about the problem: Shroud did not leave good hair in the hot zones in a stream. They are just stupid for him:

“Hot Zones Are Stupid Like Hell!” Everyone drops into the hot zone, but no one knows how stupid such a “hot dropping” is! ”

This can be done against the problem of hot zones: If pro and tester like Shroud see a problem in the game, you should take this seriously as a developer. But what to do? One solution to the dilemma, of course, would be to simply swipe the hot zones and randomly distribute the loot across the map.

Also conceivable would be an increase in the number of players. More players inevitably mean that there are more opponents in the game, even in mid-game.

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