SON – Horror Adventure Will Be Released Next Week


SON – Horror Adventure Will Be Released Next Week

Since somehow the release missed in the past year. The horror adventure ‘SON’ by the RedG Studios released this March.

SON plays in a 300,000-acre forest called Clarencaster in southern Pennsylvania. Which also known as South Of Nowhere (SON). In 2018, a large number of people mysteriously disappeared there. One of whom the son of Robert Alderso. An unemployed man who indulges in alcohol to wipe out certain memories. Robert looking for his son out of love. But if that enough to overcome the fear hidden in the forest?

SON described as an epic, psychological survival horror game. In a world where fear takes control of everything and your past is never extinguished. What fears and demons will you face getting your loved ones back?

SON soon  available from March

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