That’s Why WoW Now Has More Fireworks And Guys Running Around As The Final Boss


That’s Why WoW Now Has More Fireworks And Guys Running Around As The Final Boss

With a new update for the shop, Blizzard has implemented new toys in World of Warcraft. These have interesting effects and even a nice bonus.

It’s all about these toys: as already announced in advance, there are now toys in the Blizzard Shop. Recently the first toys were implemented:

  • the fireworks set “Lion Pride” and “Power of the Horde” ( to the Blizzard Shop )
  •  Transmorphersignal ( to the Blizzard Shop )

Both toys can be bought for € 10 each and added to your toy box in WoW. This gives you access to the respective toys with all existing and future characters in the game.

What do the toys do? Lion Pride and Power of the Horde offer fireworks that do not consume. Each of three different forms can accept both fireworks with the themes of the Alliance and the Horde.

The transmembrane signal summons an astral that you can address. (60 Minutes Cooldown) With his dialogue option, he turns you into a total of 98 different dungeon or raid bosses from WoW for 20 minutes. For a full list of possible transformations, check out Wowhead’s colleagues.

As long as you are transformed, you use the characteristic voice lines in combat from time to time. You just scream what the boss would call in combat. Especially in groups with friends and the guild, the toys are popular.

That’s the bonus: 25% of the $ 10 proceeds go into the prize pool at the next Arena World Championships (PvP) and the next Mythic Dungeon Invitational (PvE), the two World of Warcraft eSports events.

Blizzard promises a $ 250,000 prize pool for both events, which can increase by buying one of the toys for $ 2.50 each (same price in euros). The action ends on 15 October 2019.

This is how the toys arrive:

Although the toys are pretty well received by the community and especially the Transmorpher is popular, the reactions are rather negative. The community has a number of criticisms:

The Transmorpher has a 60-minute cooldown and the costume lasts only 20 minutes. From a bought toy one expects more.

  • Transmorpher works neither on battlefields nor on scored battlegrounds
  • The cries of boss costumes often interfere with real bosses in raids
  • In addition, criticized that only 25% of the revenue flow into the price pool. It’s great that eSports
  • Supported in this way, but many fans thrilled that Blizzard retains three-quarters of the win.

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