The Division 2 Is Even Hotter When You’ve Been To DC


The Division 2 Is Even Hotter When You’ve Been To DC

Have you ever been to Washington DC? If not, a tour of The Division 2 is enough for a good first impression, says our author Sven.

That’s what I particularly love about The Division 2: The world of The Division 2 really did it to me. It is full of interesting places, exciting stories, countless details and lots of loving little things.

The fact that I already know the city, including numerous sights and locations from real life, makes my virtual trip to Washington all the more exciting.

This is how I play The Division 2:

I think I would have been in the endgame long ago , if only the game world were not so fantastic. New York was already great, but the implementation of Washington is another stage in my opinion.

Almost every day, I catch myself drifting away as part of a mission and taking a closer look at the mission location. Often I even lose myself so much in the world of The Division 2 that I do not even play it properly anymore.

I just stroll through the area from one little thing to the next and marvel at the love of detail, which has flowed into the game world.

How is Washington implemented in The Division 2?

The cool thing: The virtual capital of the United States is modeled on their real role model so well and in detail that even years after my last visit I still find my way around the places and recognize certain locations that I have visited before.

Whether it’s the Capitol, the White House, the Washington Monument, Potomac Park, or the Lincoln Memorial. I also find many striking places without a map.

Also tons of other players, who either live in Washington or have already visited, report of the incredibly accurate simulation in the game. Many recognize their place of residence, their workplace or even the subway stations they use every day.

Seeing this in a post-apocalyptic interpretation creates an indescribable feeling and gives me a lot of goose bumps. It seems like I’m actually returning to Washington after a massive disaster.

So I’m going now some ways that I have traveled in real Washington,

look for some places that I visited then – almost everything is there! Even one of my hotels I found right away. And also my feeling tells me – you are back in DC! An experience and an immersion that has been unparalleled in gaming for years.

That’s why the museums are my big highlights: During my trips to Washington I had the chance to visit numerous museums. I especially remember the National Air and Space Museum as well as the National Museum of American History.

I was all the more thrilled to find that both served as the scene for missions in The Division 2. When I was finally able to play them, I quickly realized: The turnover of both venues in the game has been fantastic and looks very authentic.

Especially the Vietnam area and the planetarium in the American History Museum are really convincing to the real places inside the museum.

The large area where the final fight takes place in the Air & Space Museum,

The real template is also cut out of the face. So if you want to start a (albeit short) virtual tour through the coolest museums in Washington, you do not have to fly to the US forcibly.

The good thing about it: not only can you virtually go to the museum but at the same time, you will experience two of the most exciting and varied missions The Division 2 currently has to offer.

So in the American History Mission the setting changes with each section. From an exhibition, the fights take you to a destroyed planetarium, the jungles of Vietnam or Mars.

In the Air & Space Museum,

You’ll be fighting across the history of aerospace between different planes, rockets, and the Space Shuttle.

I’m curious: What I am currently looking forward to especially is the Pentagon. This location introduced to The Division 2 during the first year. After all, I was also able to admire parts of this building in real life and am curious to see how the implementation in the game will turn out.

But now I am looking forward to my next short break in the postapokalypischen Wahsington DC and further details that I will discover there. And anyone who has ever been to Washington and has not played The Division 2, I guess – try it if you’re into such games. It is an unforgettable feeling.

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