The MMORPG Skyforge Desperately Wants You To Play It, Even Giving You New Planets


The MMORPG Skyforge Desperately Wants You To Play It, Even Giving You New Planets

Skyforge is not doing very well in this country. The ratings on Steam are falling sharply, as are the numbers of players. Now the developers announced a big update, with which you design a whole planet. Does this perhaps arouse the interest of the players again?

How is Skyforge? If you look at the data on Steam charts, then the numbers of players continue to drop. On average, only about 130 players on Steam are online at the same time, and even if the own client should offer more, that shows a tendency.

In addition, the game currently has a rating of 33% on Steam. Above all, the battle system and bugs are criticized. With almost every update new problems come up, which brings the fans on the palm.

Even the latest updates, which have introduced a new Bard class and even Battle Royale, have not improved yet.

Design a whole planet

What’s next for the MMORPG? The Allods team and have just announced a major update, New Horizons. This introduces a completely new planet with a new storyline.

  • You travel the planet, Terra.
  • You will explore devastated cities, deep jungles and lifeless wastelands.
  • Exploration Drones discovered a new enemy with advanced technology to face.
  • It’s your job to find out who this enemy is.

What’s so special about “New Horizons”? Not only are you exploring a new planet with large areas, it is up to you to shape and change this world.

  • To do so, after your arrival on Terra you will first build a base.
  • Then you change this world gradually with the help of
  • dedicated “programs”.
  • By upgrading the programs, you gradually explore the areas and change their appearance
  • So you unlock new story chapters, special bets, more adventures, and rewards.
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Skyforge keeps going down

When does the update appear? New Horizons will be released on April 9 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

What do the players mean? There is very little talk about Skyforge. There are only sporadic discussions on Steam.

On Reddit is more talked about bugs and problems and a private forum has not Skyforge.

Especially in this country, the game simply does not seem to arouse the interest of the MMORPG community anymore. If this then becomes different with “New Horizons”, then we see on April 9th.