The True Story Of Why Octane Is So Fast In Apex Legends


The True Story Of Why Octane Is So Fast In Apex Legends

The new legend Octane from Apex Legends has an interesting background. The basis for him was a capable Titanfall player and his injuries come from a dangerous record.

So Octane lost his legs: The new legend Octane was in his past enthusiastic participant of the “Gauntlet. “The Gauntlet is a Titanfall 2 activity where pilots of the giant ‘Mechs can test their skills and speed.

The goal is to complete the Gauntlet in as short a time as possible. Among participants – at least on the part of the Titanfall 2 players – it was a popular method to lend themselves at the beginning by a blast grenade a speed boost.

Octane did just that. Only as a character, he lost his legs while trying to set a new record. However, he woke up the next day with two robot legs, with which he could be even faster.

Who is Octane actually? Octavio “Octane” Silva is, according to his official history, the heir to a huge pharmaceutical company. Since he already had everything through his heritage, he was often bored.

As a diversion, he therefore always sought a new kick through “death-defying stunts”, which he then shared even with people through videos. Until he finally wanted to complete a gauntlet with a grenade.

Octane’s abilities reflect his greed for speed and the useful tricks in one of his beloved Gauntlets.

Where does the story come from? The story of Octane seems to have a background. The new legend is probably a tribute to the player, who set up a new Rekrod shortly before Octane’s release.

The Speedrunner Cash Mayo completed the Gauntlet in just 12 seconds with such a grenade boost, setting a new world record on March 3rd.

In the Perception Video of Octane is under the remark “What is the Gauntlet?” The video of cash Mayos record displayed. Fittingly, exactly at second 12 of the video.

Respawn has not yet confirmed that Octane is really a tribute to Cash Mayo and Octane’s development certainly took longer than the record. Nevertheless, there is much to suggest that the stories were subsequently woven together.

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